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Emily in Paris season 4 on Netflix: release date, casting, synopsis… what we know about the sequel to the most stylish series of the moment

When and where will Emily in Paris season 4 air?

Emily in Paris is one of the American series most affected by the writers’ and actors’ strike in the summer of 2023, even though it was supposed to go into production at that time. Filming can only resume in January/February 2024 in France, after a wait of several months. So the platform has no choice but to work quickly so that fans don’t have to wait.

A few days ago, Netflix announced the release dates for Season 4 of Emily in Paris. Yes, we said “dates” because for the first time ever, the episodes will be broadcast in two parts: the first is expected August 15 And second, September 12.

Please note that at the time of writing, Emily Season 4 filming continues in Paris, Italy. So the first part can be done entirely in the French capital and the second somewhere in the Transalpine country…

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What will season 4 of Emily in Paris be?

Netflix has yet to give any hints or clues about where Emily’s Season 4 will take place in Paris, but the action will pick up where the series left off: when Camille decides to call off her marriage to Gabriel, we accidentally learn that she’s pregnant. him. It’s enough to dash the hopes of our hero, a still very attached French chef…

Who will we see in Emily season 4 in Paris?

All the main cast of the series will be returning, as this promo video just revealed (must see in our player): Lily Collins, Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Ashley Park (who had minor health problems on set), Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold… They once again walk the streets of the capital.

The question mark was mostly about the return of Lucien Lavisconte, aka Alfie, Emily’s love interest for the past two seasons. After another argument between the two lovers, we imagine the character leaving France for good, even if she ends up working with Antoine (William Labade). But rest assured, he will be there…

What we know about Emily in Paris season 4

Here’s some information Lily Collins gave fans during Tudum 2023 in a promotional video: “Is Alfie heartbroken again? Will Gabriel get his first Michelin star? Will Mindy and her group take part in Eurovision?…And the question everyone is asking: will Emily and Gabriel finally get together?

As we told you above, Emily and her friends will leave France for a few episodes and settle in Rome, even if we don’t know yet for what reason: for a job opportunity? Follow Mindy Who will participate in Eurovision? We’ll have to wait a few months to find out.

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