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Rio Grande do Sul receives 105 thousand doses of emergency vaccine

The Ministry of Health wants to replace the supplies lost due to the floods in Rio Grande do Sul: it has sent 200 thousand additional doses of vaccines. Now another 105 thousand

This Monday (13th), Rio Grande do Sul receives another 105 thousand emergency doses of vaccines from the Ministry of Health. The federal government’s idea is to send resources to replace lost supplies floods occurred in the state.

The Ministry had already sent 200 thousand additional doses of vaccines against tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, whooping cough, meningitis, rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies (in other words: in addition to the 926 thousand that would have already been sent regularly, even if the climate catastrophe did not occur).

The government’s objective is to guarantee assistance to the affected population, since Floods can pose health risks.

In addition to the vaccines, the Ministry of Health also sent another 200 thermal boxes and 4,800 cooling coils.

Another action taken by the Ministry of Health was to carry out the withdrawal of medicines by the Authority Popular Pharmacy Program in Rio Grande do Sul.

The new feature provides exemption from presenting official documents with photo, CPF and prescription or medical prescription to access drugs for asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

In this scenario, the Field Hospital of the Ministry of Health was created in Canoas, a unit specially designed to respond to emergencies of people affected by floods.

The multidisciplinary team working in the unit already numbers 134 professionals. In total, more than a thousand services were provided.

Vaccine in Rio Grande do Sul

Precisely because of the public calamity, the Immunization area of ​​the State Health Surveillance Center (Cevs) has warned about the importance of maintaining immunization against diseases that have a vaccine.

Rio Grande do Sul advises the population to get the vaccine (Image: cottonbro studio/pexels)

“The orientation is that vaccination programs against influenza and Covid-19 be updated, which protect against respiratory infections, especially at the current moment, in which several people are sheltered in spaces with other families, facilitating contamination from these virus,” the statement said.

Vaccines are also administered against rabies, tetanus and hepatitis A, which are the main cases in case of extreme weather events like the one that is afflicting RS. “According to requests, antidote serums against bites from venomous animals will also be sent by air, compatibly with local conditions”, adds Cevs.

The agency also points out that due to the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, many people have lost their documents, including their vaccination card, but there is an information system that records them. “If there is no registered vaccine, the person should take vaccines according to the national vaccination schedule recommended for their age,” the alert concludes.

Source: Brazilian agency, Department of Health of Rio Grande do Sul

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