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User installs Windows 11 on Nintendo Switch and the results are amazing

The user installs and runs Windows 11 on Nintendo Switch in an unusual and impractical experiment, but surprising because it is possible; watch

The user PatRyk (@Patrosi73) published X on his profile (ex Twitter) his curious experiment of install and run Windows 11 to the NintendoSwitch. The whole process took 3 hours and every action in the portable console It takes about 10 seconds to execute, but the result is still impressive because it is minimally possible.

This is because, in addition to Microsoft having created a number of limitations for installing Windows 11 when the system launches in 2021, the hardware From Nintendo Switch is based on an NVIDIA Tegra X1 ARM chip 2015.

Naturally, PatRyk used the file Windows 11 ARM adapted for Chromebook with Snapdragon processorsbut the final experience is far from usable.

Exemplary optimization certificate

The modding community is full of experiments with Nintendo Change the execution of custom systems. However, they are all adapted versions of the file operating system original for unlocking, or some Android distribution, essentially transforming the console into a Tablet.

PatRyk also tested a Linux installation with Steam on your Nintendo Switch, but the result was almost as frustrating as Windows 11 ARM. However, realizing that you can run a PC’s operating system on the console only speaks to how much hardware and software integration and optimization are important on console to guarantee experiences like that of The tears of the Kingdom on a platform that is almost 10 years old.

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