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A little extra something in the skin: “I don’t understand why”… Artus and the team will not be dressed by a big brand

The current cinema phenomenon is set to surpass 2 million admissions in less than 2 weeks! On Saturday morning, when Artus was invited to the microphone of France Inter, Un p’tit truc en plus already had 1.6 million records!

According to RTL, which received one of the film’s actors this morning, the 2 million mark has already been crossed.

To celebrate the film’s success, the team will travel to the Cannes Film Festival on May 22. 15 people will climb the stairs, including 11 disabled actors.

I’ve been telling film producers for a long time now that I wish we could climb their ladder because there are so many more influencers climbing the ladder today. They shot a movie; they have the right” Artus said at Inter France on Saturday, May 11.

No luxury brand provided the team with the outfit!

One downside should be noted: no luxury brands provided the team with evening wear for this step. “I don’t understand why. They tell us stories about quotas and say “we’ve already borrowed all our suits”.

I think it’s always more stylish for a brand to dress Brad Pitt than to dress (…) Artus and even more disabled actors“, he added.It’s okay, our costume designers from the movie will make them very beautiful costumes (…) and it will be very good“, he concludes.

The full interview can be found below:

Un P’tit truc en plus is a sunny and charming comedy with disabled actors. Almost 30 years after Le Huitième jour, a film starring Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquesne that deeply impressed and touched the public of the time, Un p’tit truc en plus continues this path, finding a balance between humor, emotion and above. All the great good that can awaken the conscience.

His word of mouth is excellent. As its distributor told us, “No audience remains indifferent to him, they happily spend time with this team and share it in packed rooms, in a cinema-specific communion!

How far will Artus’ film success go?

The choral side of Our Happy Days (2006) and its 1.6 million viewers, Hors Normes (2019), which also featured actors with disabilities and its 2.1 million admissions, or, of course, the irresistible Untouchables (2011) and its 19.5 million admissions. , Un p’tit truc en plus follows in the footsteps of many successful films capable of fueling great ambitions”, pointed out our colleagues at Boxoffice Pro.

Today it is impossible to know where the film will go. We should finish the week with around 1.1 million on less than 500 screens, like The First Name which ended with 3.4 million and Le diner de cons which reached 9.2 million. The release periods were different, the eras too, the range is very wide, the truth between the two, but the success is already there– adds the film’s distributor David Beaudry in our columns.

Source: Allocine

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