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The 8th show | Is the new Netflix series really a clone of Round 6?

The 8 Show has attracted attention since its first adverts reminiscent of Round 6, but is the new Netflix series really a clone of the 2021 hit?

New South Korean series from Netflix, The eighth show arrives next Friday (17th) in the catalogue streaming. Written and directed by Han Jae-rim, it has attracted attention since its first announcements, both for the production’s suspenseful atmosphere and acid humor, and for its similarities to Round 6.

Based on webtoon Money game AND Cake game by Bae Jin-soo, the eight-episode series seems to have very similar characteristics to those of the streaming phenomenon launched in 2021 and which will receive a second season in 2024.

The new South Korean series shows a game where time is worth money (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

From the synopsis and the trailer released, we can already understand that the series will deal with people in desperate need of money, willing to participate in a dangerous competition, but which includes a prize of one million dollars and which is not lacking in criticism and questions social groups involved in production.

Furthermore, some images are very reminiscent Round 6like the overhead shots where the characters descend the colorful stairs and their enclosed spaces.

But despite all this, it really will be The eighth show it is a clone of Round 6?

Different style and mood

The production has often been compared to Round 6 (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

According to information already released by Netflix, The eighth show tells the story of eight people invited to participate in a mysterious game in which they are locked in an eight-story building. In this space, they must cooperate with each other to extend the time spent in the game and, consequently, earn more money from the experiment.

As soon as the competition begins, however, they discover that the rules of the game are not the same for all participants and that everyone’s room has a price, creating a social hierarchy that separates those at the top from those at the bottom.

This, of course, seems unfair to some participants, but other concerns soon add to this climate of dissatisfaction as the game becomes increasingly complex and dangerous for all involved.

Despite the clear similarities to the 2021 title, this closer look at the series gives it away The eighth show seems to walk on its own two feet, developing a very different story from the one we’ve seen Round 6.


Although the themes of both programs are similar and some memories may have even been borrowed from the South Korean hit, judging by the webtoons that inspired the new series, its story must take another path and dissect other criticisms related to the theme. “How far would you go for money?”

Furthermore, it seems that the audience to which the works are addressed is not necessarily the same. This is because, from the trailer of The eighth show You can see that the show explores tragicomedy a lot, using very unique photography and aesthetics, as well as elements of satire to tell its story – something definitely very different from the drama presented by Round 6 and its climate of constant tension.

Who is in the cast of The 8 Show?

Starring Ryu Jun Yeol (Believer), the South Korean series also stars Chun Woo-hee (The drama of my life), Park Jeong-min (Deliver us from evil), Lee Yul-eum (My first love), Park Hae-joon (The world of married people), Lee Zoo-young (Green Night), Luna Jeong-hee (Unbalanced) and Bae Seong Woo (Late justice) in the cast.

The show's cast consists of eight actors (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Together they form the eight participants locked in the building and who find themselves having to join forces to save more time and money.

The eight episodes of The eighth show premiering Friday (17th) on Netflix.

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