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‘There’s no excuse for this’: Mad Max Fury Road director recounts Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron arguments

Cars driving in the desert, exploding tankers, sandstorms, but also huge tension on the set…

Before wowing audiences when it hit theaters in 2015, Mad Max Fury Road, George Miller’s new post-apocalyptic opus, caused some spark during its production. The making of the feature film was notably the scene of recurring conflict between the film’s two stars, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

While his prequel to the Furiosa character is about to hit theaters, the Australian director recently revisited the tension between the two celebrities nine years ago.

“They were just two different artists.”

“They were just two different artists.”The filmmaker trusted the microphone telegraph.

Tom’s got a cut, but he’s also oozing, and whatever we were doing at the time, we had to get his trailer out, whereas Charlize was incredibly disciplined – she’s got a dancer, you can see it in the precision of her performance – and she was always first on set.”

“There’s no excuse for that.”

Despite the relationship problems that can arise between actors, George Miller explains that he did his best to get something positive out of it:

“I’m an optimist, so I saw their behaviors as a reflection of their characters, they had to learn to work together to ensure their mutual survival.”He explained and specified that such a situation is still unfortunate.

“There’s no excuse for that and I think there’s a tendency in this business to use the excuse of excellent performance to justify further delays that could have been avoided.”

(Re)discover the trailer for ‘Furiosa’ in cinemas from May 22…

Source: Allocine

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