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Heartstopper on Netflix: Date for Season 3 and a nice bonus surprise!

Alyssa Oseman, author of the Heartstopper comic, announced a new teaser on her social media last weekend, and it’s finally here. After weeks of waiting, Netflix finally reveals the release date for Season 3: See you on October 3rd to find our favorite couple from the small screen.

But this good news does not come alone. The platform released a short clip online, in which we see Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Keith Connor) sharing a particularly cute scene based on Oseman’s comic book.

The third season will be the first “I love you” For the high school student struggling with an eating disorder but trying to open up slowly. This will also be the central theme of these new episodes, as the author confirms:

“We will continue to explore the mental health spectrum in depth and explore how it affects Nick and Charlie’s relationship and other friendships on the show.” So people who have read the fourth volume will have a little idea of ​​what will happen. I’m really looking forward to taking the series in a different direction.”

This Heartstopper season 3 teaser is especially accompanied by an exclusive cut of Billie Eilish’s new song. Titled ‘Birds of a Feather’, it will be available on the album Hit me Hard and Soft from May 17.

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What will Heartstopper season 3 be like?

In addition to this teaser, Netflix also revealed the official synopsis for Season 3:

Charlie wants to tell Nick that he loves her. Nick also has something important to say to Charlie. As the summer holidays come to an end and the months pass, the friends realize that the school year will bring its own joys and challenges. Learning more about each other and their relationships, planning social events and parties, and starting to think about college choices, everyone needs to learn to lean on the ones they love when life doesn’t go as planned.

the entire program.

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Absent people and new faces

Who says new season, says new faces. While Olivia Colman (Charlie’s mom) and Sebastian Croft (Ben) won’t be returning for Season 3, Netflix has announced three new characters played by three British actors we love.

Jonathan Bale, discovered in The Bridgerton Chronicles, will play Jack Maddox, a famous author on Instagram who loves Charlie. We’ll also find Hayley Atwell (Captain America) as Diana, Nick’s aunt who takes him on a summer vacation to Menorca and gives him relationship advice with Charlie. Eddie Marsan was eventually cast as Geoff, Charlie’s therapist who helps him deal with his eating disorders.

See you October 3rd on Netflix to see all these beautiful people on screen!

Source: Allocine

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