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Michelle Rodriguez and her girlfriend: who is Victoria, the actress who smiles from ear to ear?

Michelle Rodriguez he shared his feelings and spoke publicly about his relationship with the actress Victoria Garcia, which started a few months ago.

After expressing her love through messages and photos on social networks, the performer of ‘Toña’ in the series ’40 y 20′ finally declared her love openly.

“It’s not nice to live with fear in life. Now I’m learning not to have that fear and I think we should embrace who we are,” he shared with TVNotas magazine on May 12.

Michelle Rodríguez expressed her happiness when describing her relationship with her partner. His heart is full and his smile is impossible to miss.

“It’s a relationship that lasts a while, although it seems a long time. It fills my heart so much. Everyone knows she isn’t, but she keeps me so, so happy. It has me smiling from ear to ear. Earn. It’s sun. I am the happiest,” They stood out.

Who is Victoria García, Michelle Rodríguez’s girlfriend?

A few weeks ago, Victoria García became the focus of attention in the posts and dedications shared by Michelle Rodríguez on Instagram.

On April 15, Michelle thanked her partner for helping her overcome her fear of crossing the second floor of the Periférico in Mexico City after developing a phobia following an anxiety attack.

“I love you very much, I admire you and I learn from you! Thank you for always allowing me to walk hand in hand,” Victoria replied to the thank you through the comments of the publication.

Despite the lack of photos together on their profiles, Michelle Rodríguez and Victoria García have shared romantic images on Michelle’s Instagram stories.

Victoria presents herself as an actress and singer on social networks, and has participated in theater. One of his most recent jobs was in the musical ‘Fama’.

Although she only has 1,400 followers on Instagram and doesn’t appear to be very active, her last post dates back to August 2023.

Source: univision

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