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The film about Jogo do Bicho brings together Rodrigo Santoro and Bruno Gagliasso

The film will depict a dystopian Rio de Janeiro, inspired by the illegal universe of Jogo do Bicho Animal race. Amazon has confirmed the cast that will participate in the production. Among the names there are famous actors, such as Rodrigo Santoro and Bruno Gagliasso.

In the film, a fearless young man must win a dangerous race to save his sister’s life. The film depicts each animal in the game as a parkour runner seeking a million dollar prize.

Animal race is packed with visual effects, action scenes and a cast of world-famous Brazilian stars. According to the producers, the film will continue to highlight the powerful talent that Brazil has to offer the world.

The new Brazilian film on Amazon’s streaming service is developed in collaboration with O2 Filmes and will have a budget of around R$20 million. This makes the production the most expensive Brazilian film in history. The information is Omelette.

The feature film is developed by Prime Video in collaboration with O2 Filmes (Image: Thibault Penin/Unsplash)

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