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Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg owe a lot to him: this action movie legend embarks on a very ambitious fantasy film.

Especially known for his action films such as Training Day, Mercenary 7, The Fall of the White House or The Equalizer Saga, Antoine Fuqua is preparing to change the registration for his new project!

After Equalizer 3, the filmmaker directed a biopic on Michael Jackson, which is currently in post-production. Very active, the director already has another project in his portfolio. According to DeadlineIt adapts the novel Sky’s End written by Mark J. Gregson and is set to hit the big screen in January 2024.

On the road to dystopia

This is a dystopian thriller that became a bestseller in a very short time. Antoine Fuqua and his company Hill District Media focused on a novel that introduces Conrad, a teenager in exile. The latter will enter a selection of twelve trades to save his sister from his murderous uncle and take revenge.

Set in an island civilization floating on toxic black clouds, Conrad joins an airship crew to fight monsters in the sky while unmasking evil terrorist agents.

Between the swirling aerial combat and giant creatures, the world of Sky’s End is reminiscent of the cult anime, Attack on Titan. It also fits dystopian novels aimed at young adults, such as The Hunger Games, Labyrinth, or Different.

Note that Mark Jay Gregson is a writer and teacher. He made headlines with a viral video that was viewed by more than 6 million people. We see him reveal the cover of his first novel to his students: the end of the sky. This is the first part of a planned trilogy; second opus among snakesIt will arrive in early 2025.

Monsters and battles

“I can’t wait for readers to see the world of Skylands, with its fearsome monsters, epic battles and memorable characters, come to life on the big screen.”, said author Mark J. Gregson. Trustbridge Entertainment, which acquired the rights to the novel, expressed enthusiasm through its president, Bob Higgins.

“Hill District was at the top of our partner wish list. Antoine Fuqua has an unparalleled reputation for telling stories with believable but flawed characters, complex relationships, high stakes and often action. The perfect combination.”The producer emphasized.

As of now, Sky’s End does not have an announced release date. As for Michael, Antoine Fuqua’s next film will hit theaters on April 16, 2025.

Source: Allocine

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