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‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2 Trailer: Why Does Sauron Look Like an Elf?

Amazo Prime’s ambitious project ‘The Rings of Power’ is back with a second season and this is the highlight shown in its first trailer.

‘The Rings of Power’ Season Two: First Trailer and Big Reveals

Returning to Middle-earth alongside characters like Galadriel, Elrond and Arondir, among others, promises to be epic according to the images presented.

The trailer confirms that it will show the arrival of the “dark days” and how Sauron plans to build his empire.

“In the second season of The Rings of Power, Sauron is back. Hunted by Galadriel, without an army or allies, the rising Dark Lord must now rely on his own cunning to rebuild his power and oversee the creation of the Rings of power, which will allow him to unite all the peoples of Middle-earth to his sinister will,” is what the official synopsis says.

Although in the first season there were hints of growing evil in Middle-earth, no one was sure who was causing it until the final chapters of “The Rings of Power”, where it is revealed that Halbrand is actually the Dark Lord.

Another important point that will be addressed in the new episodes is the tradition of the rings mentioned in both the book and the movie “The Fellowship of the Ring”: namely the three rings for the elven kings (including Galadriel), seven for the dwarf lords and nine for mortal men.

‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2: Sauron Will Infiltrate the Elves to Create the Rings of Power

The trailer also confirmed that the series’ protagonists will discover Sauron’s true identity, and one of the most frequently asked questions about the topic was why the villain has an attractive physical appearance, and the answer is linked to JRR Tolkien.

In the book “Legendarium”, which details the mythology of Middle-earth, it is stated that Sauron impersonates a being called Annatar and tricks the elves into forging the rings of power. In the first season of “The Rings of Power”, this story is reinterpreted and the Dark Lord, instead of being known as Annatar, is introduced as the elf Halbrand.

What’s most striking about the trailer is that the final seconds show the birth of Barad-dûr, Sauron’s central fortress in Middle-earth, where “The Eye” is set in “The Lord of the Rings.” The formation of Mordor is also seen, as a burst of mist begins to invade the terrain, making it appear more bleak.

Given these facts, it is conceivable that the birth of the One Ring could take place at the end of season or the beginning of season three, which would be a major event for the most dedicated fans.

“The Rings of Power 2” will arrive on August 29 on Amazon Prime and the first impressions on social networks have been positive. It remains to be seen if the new episodes surpass those of the first season.

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