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‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’: Why are people called ‘echo’?

After the events that happened in ‘Planet of the Apes: War’, which was released in 2017, the film ‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’ is coming to the big screen, which introduces new characters to this famous franchise.

What is Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom?

In this story, apes are the dominant species living in harmony, while humans have been relegated to the shadows because a virus they developed affected their intelligence.

As a tyrannical new ape leader named Proximus Caesar builds his empire, Noa, a young ape, embarks on a journey to save his people. On his way he crosses paths with May, a human searching for an artifact that could help her species regain control of Earth.

Why do apes call humans ‘Echo’ in ‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’?

In the movie “Planet of the Apes: War” Maurice, who accompanies Caesar on his mission to kill the Colonel (killer of his family), finds a girl in a war zone, who is the only survivor of the conflict.

Seeing her alone and sick, unable to speak, Maurice convinces Cesar to take her with them on their journey, although he does not agree.

While checking the area, Cesar and his team encounter the “Evil Ape”, a member of his species who lived in a zoo and later found a safe place to live in the mountains, where he accumulated many things from humans, including logo of a Chevy Nova car, which he gave to the girl.

After Caesar is kidnapped by the Colonel, the free apes and the girl make a plan to rescue him and other members of their species who remain enslaved.

In one of the scenes, the little girl asks Maurice if he is a monkey, to which he replies that he is a “nova”, showing her the logo given to him by the “Bad Monkey”, whose name is later used to refer to any of the person.

After Caesar is captured, the Colonel explains to him that the monkey flu virus has mutated and is causing humans to lose the ability to speak and returning them to a primitive state.

The theme of the virus is taken up in “Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom”, where the apes, who dominate the planet, call the humans “eco”, after hundreds of years have passed between the two stories.

After Proximus Caesar’s troops kidnap Noa’s people, this new character sets out on an adventure to find them and on his way he meets Raka, an ape who tells him the story of Caesar and what he accomplished for his kind.

Just in that speech, Noa mentions that an “echo” entered their village, to which Raka replies that it’s actually a nova, again repeating what happened in the previous movie.

During their journey, Noa and Raka discover that Nova is called Mae and can speak, being one of the few people who were not infected by the virus.

Source: univision

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