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What to add to water to quickly clean windows until completely transparent: secrets of cleaners

We will tell you what to add to window cleaning water to save money and achieve perfect transparency without streaks.

Are you putting off window cleaning and frame cleaning because it’s tedious and time-consuming? The secrets of professional cleaners for perfect window transparency will help you complete the task quickly and efficiently – here are the homemade sprays that they consider the best.

secrets of fast and high-quality window cleaning

Water + vinegar

You will need:

  • two glasses of distilled water,
  • half a glass of 9% white vinegar,
  • 10 drops of water-soluble essential oil (optional).

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it gently. (You can do without essential oil – it is necessary so that a pleasant aroma remains after cleaning.) Clean the windows from dust and dirt, spray the solution on the glass. Wait a few minutes then wipe off any remaining product with a microfiber cloth.


“Vinegar is an excellent water additive and very effective for cleaning windows quickly. It is transparent and therefore streak-free, non-toxic, antibacterial and safe for animals and children,” explains Marla Mock, president of the cleaning company.

An important rule: when making a homemade spray, it is better to use a new sprayer, and not one that previously contained commercial window cleaning chemicals. Residues of aggressive substances can cause a reaction releasing toxic gases.

Water + vinegar + alcohol

How to achieve maximum transparency when cleaning windows

You will need:

  • a quarter of a glass of medical alcohol,
  • two glasses of 9% white vinegar,
  • a glass of distilled water.

Mix all natural window cleaning additives in a spray bottle and shake it. Spray the glass, wait a minute or two, wipe it with a clean, dry microfiber cloth – if the glass is very dirty you will need several cloths.

“Alcohol is the secret to excellent window cleaning. This helps the solution evaporate quickly, reducing the risk of streaking the glass. Alcohol is also an excellent surface disinfectant: you can use the prepared spray in a variety of situations,” says Christine Di Nicolantonio of the American Cleaning Institute.

The main secret to quick and quality window cleaning is… water. All professionals use distilled glass: it does not contain any minerals, so it leaves no trace on the glass.

Dish soap + lemon + water

natural additives for window cleaning

You will need:

  • a quarter of a glass of lemon juice,
  • half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid,
  • two glasses of water.

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray the window. Wait a few minutes then remove the solution with a lint-free cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth.

“This spray allows you to obtain maximum transparency when cleaning windows. Citric acid is stronger than acetic acid and is excellent for removing dirt and mineral deposits, and the dishwashing liquid contains sodium lauryl sulfate, a champ at removing oil and grease,” says Marla.

Vinegar + alcohol + starch + water

effective water additives for quick window cleaning

You will need:

  • a quarter of a glass of medical alcohol,
  • a quarter of a glass of 9% white vinegar,
  • a tablespoon of cornstarch,
  • two glasses of distilled water.

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake it each time before spraying the window. Wait a few minutes, then wipe the product with microfiber or lint-free cleaning cloths.

“Starch has several properties that make its use one of the professional methods of window treatment. Firstly, it is the softest abrasive, secondly, its particles perfectly absorb oil and grease, and thirdly, it is able to weaken hydrogen bonds, which prevents streaks. You can even get by with starch alone: ​​dilute three or four spoons in a liter of water, apply to a glass, let dry, then wipe,” says Marla.

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Tips from cleaners for cleaning windows until they are completely clean

  • Clean your windows twice a year, in the fall and spring, to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits found in rainwater.
  • Wipe the glass on the outside with vertical movements and on the inside with horizontal movements. If streaks remain, you will immediately understand which side of the window they are on.
  • Double your supplies: Professional cleaners use twice as many clean microfiber cloths to clean windows as they do in other areas of the house.
  • When you wash windows on cloudy or sunny days, the sprays dry on the glass before removing them, which is why streaks remain on the surface.
  • After drying your windows with a microfiber cloth, use a clean one to polish the glass until it is perfectly shiny and completely clear.

Source: The Voice Mag

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