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Filipe Catto joins Marina Lima in a show at Casa Natura Musical

The singers perform together at Casa Natura Musical this Friday, 17

The legacy of Marina Lima and the power of Filipe Catto will meet on the stage of Casa Natura Musical on May 17th. The show takes place right after Mother’s Day weekend and celebrates the loving relationship between the artists.

On social media, Catto often refers to Marina like his mother, in a profound demonstration of respect for the artist who has been the soundtrack of his life since childhood. In response, Marina said she was flattered and returned the affection for her “daughter”.

The show On the Waves of the Marina brings together hits from the Rio singer’s more than 40-year career, such as “Fullgás”, “Uma Noite e Meia” and “À Francesa”. Cattoin turn, is experiencing one of the best moments of his career with Beauties are Things Ignited Insidealbum and show that reinvent and celebrate the work of Gal Costa.

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I really like it when Philip She calls me mom, because besides the big age difference — she’s 36 and I’m 69 this year —, there’s also the affinity between us. So, I know that when she says I’m her mother, even more publicly, it’s a sign of enormous admiration, affection and affection, and I’m flattered. I sang recently at a festival in the interior of Pernambuco, at Usina de Arte, and the Philip I was also scheduled, so we took advantage and did two songs together, but I’ve wanted to do something bigger for a long time. After the success she is having with her album Gal, which is wonderful, I wish I had the chance to invite her. We’ve already sung another time too, we keep seeing each other. At a show at the old Tom Jazz, here in São Paulo, I gave her an unreleased song called “Partiu” [que está no álbum Tomada, de Catto]. I sang this song on the show, but I hadn’t recorded it. She came to sing with me one night, as a guest, and we did. But now, I think it will be even more special because the album she made Gal It’s wonderful, and I’m going to ask her to sing me a song from Gal which I love, as well as some other things that we like to do together, you know? It’s going to be a great achievement, a wonderful meeting. Me with my daughter, Filipe Catto. – Marina Lima

A Marina It has always been one of the biggest artistic references I have had since a very early age. My mom is my number one fan Marina. We have always heard a lot Marina at home. And I always really liked the restless and sophisticated way that Marina introduced himself, you know? I realized that everything I liked about innovation, alternative, indie and underground music, Marina had in her work. Despite being an artist that all of Brazil sings about, an artist that everyone had records in her house, her work Marina It was always guided by her restlessness, sophistication and desire for innovation. For each disc, Marina I was immersed in a new universe, researching new things, listening to new things and exchanging with young people. I think the Marina She has always been an artist who circulated within the underground and also within trends, because she is an avant-garde artist. She never stopped being. From the beginning, she has always been an avant-garde artist and continues to be an avant-garde artist who sheds her skin and puts herself in the world, in the present, you know? She’s not nostalgic, she doesn’t live off what she’s done, she’s always doing new things and that’s something I take with me. I always say that I’m her daughter, but it’s because I see her Marina like a teacher of mine. That’s what I want to do in the future, when I’m the age of Marina, I really want to be like her because she is a person who inspires me. Not just in music, but in the way of being, you know? I see a lot of myself in her. She is like a lighthouse to me. If you ask me where I want to go, there’s Marina there so I can be inspired, mirrored and followed. She has been opening paths for us for many years. That’s why he’s a figure that has a mystery. She is queer. She’s punk rock. She is dark. And at the same time, she is solar. She’s bossa nova, she’s Brazilian. She has this Brazilian thing very, very latent. Her sensuality… She has a depth to her work that is so strong and so visceral. She manages to create a mix of things that seem irreconcilable and everything becomes very chic. I love her deeply, from the bottom of my heart. A Marina She was one of the artists who taught me the most. She was always very affectionate with me, a very generous person. So, forever I will be extremely grateful to her, follow in her footsteps and revere her. Being able to call a friend and share music with Marina Lima It is truly one of the greatest honors I have had in my artistic career. – Filipe Catto


Marina Lima invites Filipe Catto | On the Marina Waves
May 17th, Friday, 10pm | Opening of the House: 8:30 pm
Tickets on sale via the Sympla website
Values: from R$30 to R$180
Indicative rating: 16 years old
Duration: 90 minutes
Rua Artur de Azevedo, 2134, Pinheiros, São Paulo

Source: Rollingstone

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