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Felipe Neto publishes the list of cases already won and sends a message: ‘You will pay’

The video published by the influencer involves names such as Silas Malafaia, Antônia Fontenelle and Luciano Hang

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Disturbed by accusations that cast doubt on his mobilization in favor of Rio Grande do Sul, Philip Neto he posted a video listing the million-dollar lawsuits he’s already won. The “dossier” involves names like Silas Malafaia, Antonia Fontenelle AND Nando Moura. In the publication on Monday 13th, the influencer took the opportunity to ask people to stop promoting fake news and sent a message to those who insist: “You will pay for your crimes.”

The outburst came shortly after Felipe revealed the list of public figures who have already lost cases against him. On X (formerly Twitter), the influencer wrote: “The whole group below was brave, many said they would never lose because they were only telling the truth.” One of those listed is Luciano Hang, the owner of Havan Stores. Next to the entrepreneur’s name, the indication: “Five defeats as an author”.

And that’s not all. Nine other names accompany the Havan owner on the list. The influencer Antônia Fontenelle, for example, appears with a sign of R$ 200,000 to pay, in addition to community service. You also wrote Felipe Neto who, in the case of your ex Mark Paul“more is to come.”

Immediately after spreading the names on the social network, he recorded a video in which he explained his attitude. “All you can see here are some of the lawsuits I’ve won over the last few years against all these people who made up lies about me and who swore to tell the truth and would never lose me in court. Here’s a little list of several other convictions and many more to come,” he explained.

After explaining the context of the list, Felipe Neto declared that the accusations of embezzlement of the money raised to help Rio Grande Sul will not be tolerated by him and that he intends to prosecute them one by one.

“All these people repeating lies about me, reliving things from the past or saying criminal atrocities about me, such as that I embezzled money from purchasing purifiers or that I overcharged these purifiers or any other criminal links that I concerns , all these people will be prosecuted in civil court and criminal court where the game is much worse,” he warned.

In a tongue-in-cheek tone, he continued to reinforce his intention to prosecute people who accuse him of crimes. “The trials are coming, okay? Wait there, you will have a lot to answer for, get a lawyer. It’s not cheap, okay? To the people who are by my side, I am extremely grateful for the support”, he stressed.

Regarding the calamity caused by the flood tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul, Felipe Neto said he does not intend to stop helping. Despite the accusations, the influencer was keen to underline that he will continue to mobilize resources for the cause.

“We will continue to help the people of Rio Grande do Sul. We will continue to do everything we can and all accounts will be provided on my social networks. Just look there. For all those who try to get in the way, and those who spread lies will pay for his crimes,” he argued.

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Source: Terra

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