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“Excellent direction, stunning special effects”: Rated 4 out of 5, this is Ryan Reynolds’ best film

In 2024, Ryan Reynolds is expected to star in Deadpool 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s only film of the year, in which he will star alongside Hugh Jackman and return as Wolverine. But today he’s talking to imaginary friends in Blue & Company, John Krasinski’s new production (no sound).

But do you know which is his best feature film according to AlloCiné internet users? The answer may not surprise you, because there is a big hint in the previous lines.

The same average (4 out of 5) La Femme au tableau could have created a surprise. But it scored far less than the first Deadpool (2,829 votes to 52,082 for the mercenary from Marvel’s catalog), which won the prize. It’s no surprise given the popularity of the 2016 film, which grossed $783 million worldwide.

“Even if we’re not super fans of the Marvel Universe, we’re having a great time.”– says this anonymous internet user who welcomes this “A film full of humor and action” and is one of 463 people who wrote a review with a maximum rating of 5 out of 5.

“Finally a no-nonsense and truly hilarious miracle without any limitations”lights up his side William R. “Deadpool is without a doubt the most evil character ever invented. And this movie easily takes the top spot among my favorite movies. Brilliant production, spectacular special effects, unlimited trash and gore, as well as punctuated with hilarious references: this is what Deadpool is all about.” .”

It’s trashy, raucous, completely delusional and fueled by amphetamines

“Deadpool is a movie worth seeing because we can feel the energy and love that Ryan Reynolds and the director put into bringing the character to the screen.”presses Romano31. “Once a superhero movie hits the scene, we’re not going to hold back.” Legion 666 However, it does issue a small caveat (despite being very positive overall): “If the trailer doesn’t tempt you, go ahead, the whole movie is like that. On the other hand, if you liked it, go see the movie, you won’t be disappointed…”

“A film that can annoy more than one person, or on the contrary, uplift many”confirms Talk. “For my part, I came out of the screening completely euphoric. It’s been a long time since so much fun (…) Deadpool is not a hero, he is not beautiful, he is vulgar, irreverent and above all rude. , the movie isn’t all nice and clean like the Marvel superhero movies.

And you ? Are you a Deadpool fan?

Source: Allocine

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