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$1.6 billion: 6th film for the iconic saga that rocked action cinema?

At the beginning of the 2002 academic year, espionage in the cinema is again rhymed with James Bond, whose new opus (Die Another Day, the fourth, played by Pierce Brosnan, who does not yet know that it will be his last) is to be one of them. End of year events. But Lee Tamahori’s film faces several obstacles: a shaky script and poor digital effects, the shadow of September 11, 2001 rendering this fun entertainment irrelevant, and the appearance of Jason Bourne.

Released in theaters on September 25, 2002, Memory in the Skin is as stunning as Matt Damon’s performance of arm locks in his classiest form. While Hollywood action movies only swear by matrix, cables and effects “bullet time” Three years later, Doug Liman’s film, adapted from Robert Ludlum’s novel of the same name, changes the cards. And, by extension, spawn Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Casino Royale.

Meanwhile, the Jason Bourne saga continues with two sequels, Death and Revenge at Cannes (which TFX will rebroadcast on Tuesday, May 14), directed by Paul Greengrass. Then there’s Jeremy Renner’s feature film, which isn’t a spin-off, but takes place in parallel (then we’re talking “side”).

And finally, the 2016 film that marked the return of Matt Damon and achieved the franchise’s second-highest total at the global box office ($415 million), but disappointed. Is it enough to end Jason Bourne’s adventures on the big screen? We believed this for a long time and finally we didn’t.

Bourne be wild

Because in November 2023, Deadline It reveals that the new opus is working. No Paul Greengrass, but Edward Berger, director of All Things New (Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film a few months earlier), at the helm.

“He’s great, and he told me he had an idea for Bourne. I’d love to work with him, so he’s working on it.”declares in February 2024Matt Damon was approached to reprise his role in the fifth feature film. “I’m as excited as you are to see if the project comes to fruition. I hope it’s great and we can do it. But at some point, somebody has to take responsibility because I’m not getting any younger.”

Which clearly hasn’t improved since then, while the project hasn’t given the slightest sign of life. But his comments are still consistent with comments he made in 2016 during Jason Bourne’s exit, which he didn’t see as a farewell to the character. It remains to be seen if and when all of this will come to pass.

Source: Allocine

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