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Get your handkerchief ready! 6 scenes from ‘Queen of Tears’ that make anyone cry and explain the title of the drama

It’s not for nothing that ‘Queen of Tears’ has that name! Recall some of the moments that made us cry the most while watching the Netflix drama.

“The Queen of Tears” has already come to an end and one thing is certain: from the first to the last episode several scenes were shown that would make anyone dehydrated and cry! OR name ‘Queen of Tears’ It couldn’t be more perfect, since it’s virtually impossible to finish the The Netflix drama phenomenon without shedding a single tear. There are many sad, dramatic moments and also those that make us emotional with joy. PurePeople has separated the 6 scenes from “Queen of Tears” that made anyone cry. Check out the list!

1) Hyun-woo thinks Hae-in is dead

One of the saddest scenes in ‘Queen of Tears’ is, without a doubt, the moment when Hyun-woo thinks that Hae-In died in a car accident. The scene takes place in episode 14. From the moment Hyun-woo leaves the supermarket until the accident scene, the audience is completely in shock and doesn’t really understand what happened. Hyun-woo even punches the car window to try to save his beloved, and her reaction of relief when he sees her unharmed is simply heartwarming!

2) Loss of the child

It’s impossible not to cry when you see the exact moment Hyun-woo and Hae-In find out they lost the baby. In episode 4 the two discover that they are having a child and are excited. It all comes crashing down in the next episode, when they lose the baby. The desperate reaction is completely sad and this moment ends up affecting the couple’s entire relationship.

3) Hae-in finds out about the divorce decision

At the end of episode 6, Hae-In discovers that Hyun-woo is…

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