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The Parisian place most visited by tourists after watching a movie or TV series, this is it!

Paris is a city that has been featured many times on the big or small screen. So much so that it is evident that certain movies or series have made many viewers and spectators want to visit the French capital.

conducted a recent study Website casinos-en-ligne.fr And decided on February 4th, it makes a surprising verdict: four out of five foreign visitors say that watching movies or TV shows made in France made them want to go there!

Use some online articles to get a list of famous movies and TV shows filmed in Paris, then type each location on Instagram and note how many times that location has been tagged (presumably the more tags, the more popular the location), so the site can identify the most popular filming location in Paris !

Amelie Poulin promotes Paris tourism!

We’re not going to stop there: the most popular Parisian film location to visit is Montmartre (with 1.5 million Instagram tags), the neighborhood where Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain was filmed, under the classic direction. Audrey Totu.

In second place is the Arc de Triomphe (1.3 million tags on Instagram), which we saw in Mission Impossible – Fallout, carried out by the indefatigable Tom Cruise. As for the third step of the podium, it is occupied by the Musée d’Orsay (with 1.2 million tags on Instagram), which is especially visible in the fourth season of the TV series Gossip Girl. And you, the movie or TV series made you wander the streets of Paris?

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