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Un Si Grand Soleil preview: May 2024 Wednesday episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Wednesday 15 May at Un si grand soleil…

Anna is placed in the police

Early in the morning, the police come to Agera’s house and inform Anna that he is under arrest. Indeed, the latter is suspected of complicity in the violent robbery that led to her husband’s death.

Later, Arno is summoned to the police. While Alex tries to find out more about the relationship between Anna and Philippe, Arno explains that there was tension. Recently, the young man felt that his father was quite tense. He also thinks it affected his health. A month earlier, the couple had argued over Anna’s work hours.

Not far from there, Anna is interrogated by Captain Leon in the presence of her lawyer. When the policeman shows them Philip’s letter, in which he indicated that he wanted to renounce his wife’s inheritance, Florent replies that it makes no sense. It should be said that a week before his death, Philip asked his lawyer to give his wife a power of attorney to manage his estate. At the same time, Manu contacted the notary’s secretary, who confirmed that Philip had ordered the will to be changed. And according to him, Anna could have ordered the murder of her husband.

Meanwhile, Arno calls Thais to tell her that her mother-in-law has been arrested by the police. He then asks her to come home this evening because he needs to see her, which she accepts.

At the police station, Alex tells Manu that he went to the bar where Ann met Borde. According to the barman, the latter was a regular and often came to the establishment accompanied by a friend. Alex, perhaps his accomplice, calls the bartender to paint a composite portrait.

As night falls, Tice goes to Arno’s house, who warns him that his friend Cedric has broken in. And since he just found out that Anna has been arrested, Cedric plans to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. During a toast with Arno, Cedric even goes so far as to say:good savior Finally you can breathe my friendWords that clearly make Thais uncomfortable.

The hospital succumbs to Brochard’s blackmail

At the hospital, Mark continues his investigation of the flies. He then meets with Aurel Sauveur to find out about the psychosis that is plaguing the town. The psychologist explains to him that this is a classic phenomenon. Indeed, collective psychosis generally comes from the anxiety that permeates the air of time. It is a diffuse and chronic feeling of fear that is not related to a specific cause or situation.

Janet, on the other hand, is annoyed that another patient canceled her surgery because of bed bugs. The situation becoming unmanageable, Dr. Lewis finds it necessary to attack Mr. Brochard at the risk of defamation and the lives of others. Unfortunately, such a procedure would take months and the rumor could spread. In order to get things back to normal, the hospital has no choice but to accept Brochard’s financial blackmail.

Later, Johanna calls Master Levar and informs him that the hospital is willing to consider their offer. Indeed, the director of the institution wants patients to regain their trust in the hospital as quickly as possible. That is why the management agreed to compensate Mr. Brochard in the amount of 20,700 euros. In return, the hospital wants him to publicly acknowledge that the facility did what was necessary to address the bush problem and that he would not hesitate to return there for care. Maitre Levars then promises to get back to him once he has spoken to his client.

In Midi Libre, Marie-Sophie is disappointed by Mark’s article about flies. Although the latter believes that he has found an original angle to discuss this topic, the editor-in-chief believes that he should have investigated the reasons that led Brohard to lie. So she was giving him two days to get his paper back. A decision that will clearly not sit well with Mark.

Not far from there, Maitre Levars informs Mr. Brochard of the hospital’s proposal. However, the latter is now demanding 35,000 euros in damages. Serge advises him to think carefully before making a decision.

Meanwhile, Marie-Sophie tells Chloe that Mark gave her a really bad paper. Words that surprise Chloe, who discovers that her ex-lover has always been a professional who writes well. While he tries to figure out how things have been going between them in bed, Chloe makes him realize that she’s never lacked bite on that side.

At the same time, Mark returns home especially angry. And suffice it to say that the journalist is very angry with Marie Sophie and is even considering resigning. So Leonor tries to make him smile again.

Source: Allocine

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