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Planet of the Apes Supremacy: What happens to young Nova (Amiah Miller)?

Supremacy of the Planet of the Apes : a superb conclusion for Cesare

In 2017, Planet of the Apes: Supremacy came to conclude an excellent trilogy that began with The origins of the planet of the apes (2011), and continued with Planet of the Apes: The Showdown (2014). Pulled from the novel by Pierre Boullethis new relaunch of the franchise – after the saga with Charlton Heston (in two out of five films) and Tim Burton’s version (2001) – impressed thanks to the use of motion capture to bring the apes to life. Visual quality undeniable and impressive which reaches its climax in this third work directed by Matt Reeves. Recall that, since then, the saga has been relaunched again Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom (in theaters May 8, 2024), set hundreds of years later Supremacy.

Planet of the Apes Supremacy ©20th Century Studios
Planet of the Apes: Supremacy ©20th Century Studios

In Planet of the Apes: SupremacyCaesar and his tribe are in more danger than ever as a colonel has made it his mission to eliminate all these monkeys intelligent. After being attacked in the middle of the night, Cesare discovers that his wife and son have been killed. He will then let his people leave without him towards new territory, and will go, with Maurice, Luca and Rocket, in search of the soldiers responsible for this massacre. The latter have gathered in a work camp where they exploit the monkeys with the help of a handful of gorillas who have joined their ranks.

Who is Amiah Miller, the actress who plays Nova?

During his journey, Caesar will learn that the virus that eradicated much of the population continues to cause harm to humans, some of whom lose their voices. This is what we begin to understand when the trio does this I meet Nova, a young mute girl. A character who brings a lot of emotion to the film and who gives a note of hope. Because most humans are ruthless. But the innocence of this child, capable of being moved by the fate of the monkeys, will help Caesar not to fall morally.

Amiah Miller (Nova) - Planet of the Apes Supremacy ©20th Century Studios
Amiah Miller (Nova) – Planet of the Apes: Supremacy ©20th Century Studios

This is Amia Miller who plays the young Nova Planet of the Apes: Supremacy. At the age of 13 when the film was released, the actress was not in her first role. From the age of ten you have participated in some TV series and films. Then, in 2016, we got to see her incarnate a young version of Teresa Palmer in horror movie Lights offbefore appearing in an episode of MacGyver (2016).

However, before embarking on this acting career, this young girl originally from a small town in Virginia did not seem predestined. She described herself in an article about The Hollywood journalistAS “very shy“and he admitted that he couldn’t”only talk to (one’s) family for a very long period“. Which didn’t stop her from starting modeling by posing for magazines as a child.

What future for the actress?

Able to cry on command while filming Planet of the Apes: Supremacy, Amiah Miller impressed the teams around her, even though she was only 11 years old at the time of filming. But thanks to this, the actress revealed herself to a wide audience. This film certainly remains her best to date, as she later participated in less memorable feature films. However, Amiah Miller continues her career, and it is possible to see her also at the forefront of horror comedy The exorcism of my best friend (2022), available on Prime Video. She is also credited on two films currently in post-production: Burn alive AND Hold your breath.

Finally, when she’s not filming, Amiah Miller continues to work for prestigious brands, such as with Chanelwho made her one of his muses -, and also travels around the world in Paris. A stay of which he recently shared several photos on his account Instagram.

Source: Cine Serie

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