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Marvel: This superhero with an extraordinary physique sees his movie release delayed yet again

Will we one day see a Sony/Marvel Kraven the Hunter movie with Aaron Taylor-Johnson? Originally announced for January 18, 2023, the film, which focused on one of Spider-Man’s most feared foes in the comics, was pushed back to October 2023 before being pushed back to August 28, 2024 due to the strike that paralyzed Hollywood.

Sony has once again delayed JC Chandor’s feature film. The film, which centers on the anti-hero created in 1964 by Stan Lee and designer Steve Ditko, is now set for release on December 18, 2024. Almost 2 years after the first release date.

The reason for the delay is unknown, but the poor box office results of Sony’s latest films Verse, Morbius and Madame Web may have prompted the studio to release the film in time for the end of the year holidays, a time when darkroom attendance is high. generally higher.

A more violent film than the previous one

Especially since Sony seems to be expecting a lot from this feature film since then Aaron Taylor-Johnson He has reportedly signed on to reprise his role in upcoming Sony Verse films and possible sequels. The British actor will share the Kraven the Hunter poster with Russell Crowe, Ariana Debose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola and Christopher Abbott.

The film is expected to be the most violent in Sony’s SpiderVerse since Kraven is rated R in the US, which is equivalent to banning viewers under 17 when accompanied by an adult.

Raven hunter

Sergey Kravinov, aka Kraven the Hunter, first appeared in the comic “The Amazing Spider-Man” (vol. 1, n°15) in 1964. After meeting a sorcerer who supplies him with a potion that allows him to increase his strength tenfold, the hunter develops superhuman strength, acute senses and great speed. Dressed in the skin of an animal. That he killed with his bare hands , he arrives in New York to hunt down Spider-Man after a call from his half-brother Chameleon (Dmitry Smerdyakov).

When Aaron Taylor-Johnson was announced for the lead role, Deadline revealed that the studio directed the 33-year-old actor J.C. He decided to contact Chandor after seeing him in the action film Bullet Train, where he shared action scenes with Brad Pitt. The interpreter of this anti-hero.

Source: Allocine

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