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Doctor Who | The showrunner reveals why he chose the Sex Education actor

Showrunner Russell T. Davies returns to Doctor Who after more than a decade and explains why he chose Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor

The debut of new season of Doctor who marks a new moment in the classic British series. The partnership between BBC and Disney ensured that the time alien storyline had a global release, a more elaborate production, and the return of Russell T. Davies to the franchise.

The current showrunner and screenwriter of the Doctor’s adventures had already worked on the series between 2003 and 2010 and was one of the main responsible for the new era of the series. He recast much of the character’s mythology that had been muddled since the ’60s and breathed new life into the storyline starting with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) – as well as bringing in David Tennant as the tenth version of the hero.

According to showrunner and writer, Ncuti Gatwa is expressive and charismatic in just the right way to play the new Doctor Who (Image: Disclosure/BBC)

For this reason the decision to bring Ncuti Gatwa (Sex education) to become the fifteenth Doctor attracted so much attention. In addition to being the first black version of the character, this is a reformulation coming from someone who has already changed the structure of the series a lot over the years.

So much so that Davies reveals that it didn’t take him long to convince himself that Gatwa was ready to play the iconic British doctor. “He IS already one of our greatest actors [do Reino Unido] and, in five years, it will certainly be the next one James Bond“, he says.”In Sex educationyou can’t take your eyes off him.” For the showrunner, it was almost a matter of fate that his return to the series and the end of his contract with Netflix. “It seems like it was destined to happen,” she adds.

Ncuti Gatwa left Sex Education straight for one of the UK's most iconic series (Image: Disclosure/BBC)

According to him, the idea was to create a doctor who was more emotional and who expressed this very clearly – something he says he found in Gatwa. “We chose someone whose emotions are vast and very visible. He cries when he’s sad, laughs when he’s having fun and has the biggest smile in the universe.”

For Davies this feature is important for this new season, as it is something that differentiates the fifteenth Doctor from his predecessors. According to the showrunner and screenwriter, the character has always been more sober and reserved, which the other actors have translated very well in the past. “But now, in 2024, I want a man who cries when he’s sad – and Ncuti does that amazingly.”

The first episodes of the new season of Doctor who are now available on Disney+, with new chapters arriving every Friday.

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