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Road House: the action film with Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t stop there

How welcome Street house ?

After a first version released in 1989, Street house I recently got a remake. Presented on March 21st on Prime Video, the film is the protagonist Dalton, former UFC fighter who wants to leave his violent past behind. But one day, the owner of a truck stop hires him stop a gang from destroying his bar. In addition to the members of this gang, Dalton will soon have to face a murderer named Knox.

Street house is far from having convinced everyone when it was released. ON Rotten tomatoesthe combined viewer rating score only amounts to 53%. He didn’t do much better among reporters with a total of 59%. However, as we learn from Prime Video onwards his accountthe feature film still appealed almost 80 million viewers on the platform right now. However, this great success with the public will lead to a sequel to Doug Liman’s film.

A sequel will be released

During an event in New York, Amazon MGM Studios announced itA House on street 2 was in preparation. The study did not giveno details on the story. On the other hand, he confirmed it the return of Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor will then play the character of Dalton.

The rest of the cast is not yet known. We therefore do not know if other actors from the first film will return, nor the new names of those who will be added to the cast. The uncertainty is the same around the director too. However, we can hypothesize it Doug Liman may not return after publicly trashed Amazon following the studio’s refusal to release Street house in the rooms.

Presumed innocent before this second film

The release date of House on street 2 has not yet been announced. Before we can discover this feature film, we will be able to see Jake Gyllenhaal for the first time in the main role of a series with Presumed innocent. It will be available from June 14th in France on Apple TV+.

Source: Cine Serie

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