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60-year-old, 43-year career and passion for comics: this actor lends his face to Spider-Man!

Now it’s official for Spider-Man Noir, a series that Prime Video and Sony are actively developing. Now titled Noir, we’ve learned today that it’s Nicolas Cage who will lend his qualities to the superhero. A choice that is not so insignificant, since the 60-year-old actor has already given voice to the character of the new generation of the animated film.

With this new name, this production removes the Spider-Man connection, and for good reason, it won’t feature Peter Parker, but an entirely new character whose name we don’t know yet. Is this spider by another name? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Set in 1930s New York, the noir follows an aging superhero trained as a private detective who is forced back into the limelight. The series will be set in its own universe and will have no connection to the MCU.

A world apart

During The New Generation, Nicolas Cage was full of praise for his character:

“He comes from a dimension that’s literally black and white. Spider-Man Noir is bad, he’s probably the most subversive Spider-Man. Think Raymond Chandler, Paul Kane, their great detective novels! Spider-Man Noir is a private detective. From 1933, which He is fighting the Nazis, so he is a real hero.

If he is not talking about the series here, we can still imagine the noir as a dark and violent thriller with a special style.

It’s also Steve Lightfoot, already working on Marvel’s excellent Punisher, who has been picked up as showrunner by Oren Uziel A. The creative team also includes Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Amy Pascal, the team behind Spider-Man New Generation. What a great start for the new live-action series, which will be available for the first time on the MGM+ platform before coming to the rest of the world on Prime Video.

Announcing Nicolas Cage in the lead role is revenge for someone who hasn’t exactly shined at Marvel in the past (yes, we’re talking about his Ghost Rider). And his first project for the small screen, it’s still a big coup!

Source: Allocine

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