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The prosthesis with adjustable high heel is new at the 2024 Hospital Fair

The event will take place between May 21st and 24th in the city of Sao Paulo and will bring innovations in healthcare technologies


Discover the “foot” that allows amputees to comfortably and safely wear shoes with different heel heights.

Between May 21st and 24th, the Hospital Fair, one of the most important events on healthcare innovations in Latin America. The organization expects to receive around 90 thousand visitors and 1.2 thousand exhibitors from around a hundred countries. Among the various innovations in the sector, one of these attracts attention for its practicality for wearers of lower limb prostheses: it is a “foot” that allows amputees to comfortably and safely wear shoes with different heel heights .

The equipment is called Taleo Adjustment and will be officially launched during the Hospital Fair. The technology is a new version of the Taleo prosthetic foot, launched in Brazil in 2019. The component is developed by Ottobock, a German company that researches and produces assistive technology components for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, such as prosthetics, orthoses and chairs .

According to the company, the main material of the equipment is carbon, which gives the component strength. The prosthesis was designed so that users can change the height of the heel from 0 to 7 centimeters, depending on their daily needs. In this way the prosthesis satisfies the wishes of users in different environments and occasions.

Adjusting the alignment of components, according to the company, is simple and can be done by the person themselves, without the need for tools.

Innovative experience

The news was greeted with surprise and approved by education analyst Karina Neves Matos, 44. A resident of Belo Horizonte, she was involved in a car accident in November 2013 while driving on a road between the capital of Minas Gerais and the city of Divinópolis. After skidding, the car lost control and the vehicle subsequently collided with the guard rail and Karina’s foot was amputated at the time of the accident. As a result, she had to use a prosthesis. She had not worn heels for about ten years and she had experience using the new prosthetic foot before its launch.

The training analyst said he “didn’t even remember” how to put on high-heeled shoes when wearing the new prosthetic.

“During use I was a little scared, but I thought the equipment was very good and different from what was already on the market. I think it is important to have this possibility and the experience of adapting the equipment not only for heels, but also for other types of shoes,” he comments.

Karina also says that one of the most attention-grabbing features of the prosthesis is its comfort, as well as the ease of height adjustment.

“For those who wear taller shoes, not just women, but also men who need dress shoes or even sneakers, it’s an alternative for situations where we, who use prosthetics, generally have more difficulties,” he says.

The director of the Ottobock Academy in Latin America, Thomas Pfleghar, comments on the adaptation of amputees to new components like this.

“Just like in the case of Karina, who was surprised by the news, this can happen to anyone, to a greater or lesser extent. It is natural, since the process of adapting to new prosthetics varies from person to person, even if it is a technology that brings benefits to the routine. This is why it is important to seek rehabilitation specialists and clinics, to have the necessary guidelines for adaptation,” she comments.

New components

The company brings two more new features in assistive technology to the event. One of these is the Varos adjustable prosthetic socket. The socket is the part that connects the prosthesis to the stump of the human body and, therefore, comfort and safety are key in this piece. Varos allows the user to shape their size and width based on body changes, such as weight and daily needs.

“The socket was designed for people who have a transfemoral amputation, i.e. above the knee. Users can make changes from the beginning of the adaptation. The more flexible modeling of the component guarantees comfort for amputees, as well as facilitating the positioning and removal of the prosthesis”, explains the director.

The other novelty is the Quickchange adapter, which allows amputees to change their prosthetic components, connected to the socket, independently and with just one click.

“This makes it easier for people who need to use multiple components on the same day, on multiple occasions, such as high-performance athletes, to more easily transition from everyday equipment to racing prosthetics,” comments Thomas. Quickchange is waterproof and, when combined with other waterproof components, can be used without worries.


Hospital Fair 2024

When: May 21st to 24th

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm

Location: Sao Paulo Expo

Address: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1.5 km – Vila Água Funda, São Paulo – SP


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