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Gaucho hangs bed from ceiling to save furniture from floods in Pelotas, RS

The fisherman now lives in a canoe in front of the house, to monitor the water level

Most residents of flood-hit towns in Rio Grande do Sul have left their homes and will remain in shelters until the situation normalizes. However, there are people who have not yet left their homes and are facing problems and dangers resulting from water intrusion. This is the case of a fisherman who hung his bed from the ceiling of his room in Pelotas, in the south of the state.

Leonido dos Santos Júnior’s house is located near the Lagoa dos Patos and was invaded by water. To the Professional reporter, from TV Globo, said he had never found himself in this situation. “We have lived in this place for ten years and the water has never entered the house. It came in and never came out again,” he said.

The gaucho, who is a fisherman by trade, did not think of leaving home and taking refuge in a safe place. This is because he is the guardian of four kittens and other pets that he does not intend to abandon. Leonido’s wife and son left the family residence as soon as the flooding began.

Gaucho hung a bed from the ceiling

It was precisely because he chose to stay that the fisherman had the idea of ​​”saving” his bed from the water. He tied ropes to the furniture legs and fastened them to the wooden beams on the roof of the house.

With his bed hanging from the ceiling and water increasingly filling the area, Leonido currently lives in a canoe in front of his house. From there, he told the Professional reporter Tuesday 14th, trying to monitor the increase in the volume of water entering the family’s home.

The resident lives in a canoe to monitor the water

Flood bulletin

Leonido dos Santos Júnior is just one of the many people affected by the floods that have hit Rio Grande do Sul since the beginning of May. So far, 2.1 million inhabitants of 446 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul have been affected by the tragedy. Over 76 thousand rescues have already been carried out. However, 108 people are still missing due to the floods.

The number of people in need of hospitalization in Rio Grande do Sul decreased again this Wednesday the 15th, according to the latest budget released by the State Civil Protection. There are 76,580 people sheltered, 2,914 fewer than on Tuesday 14th. The storms that have hit the state since the end of April have already killed 149 people.

The Civil Protection has also issued an alarm for the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, this Wednesday 15th, as the rivers in the region continue to rise. Therefore, the agency asks residents to avoid places previously flooded by the Guaíba River.

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How to donate clothes to the victims of Rio Grande do Sul

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