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Is Betty alive in Plus belle la vie? We finally have the answer!

The adventures of the characters of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle continue on TF1 (the soap opera airs on the channel from Monday to Friday at 13:40). New extract Daily fiction pre-posted by the channel, Thomas (Laurent Kerussore) meets Ariane (Lola Maroua) regarding the Killian (Tim Russo)/Betty (Horiba Benabetti) case…

Thomas would have proof

On the Thursday, May 16 episode of this new series, the iconic bartender of Mistral District tells a police officer that he has evidence that will help the investigation into the death of a young woman… the brother is justified!

Thomas is sure that we see Betty in the pictures where we see someone driving a utility vehicle. Thus, this will prove that the latter is not dead! According to Ariane, however, this person Gabriel’s husband (Joakim Latzko) is talking about could also be Killian in this case…

Killian in turmoil

But Thomas reminds Boehre’s colleague (Stephane Hannon) and Patrick (Jérôme Bertin) that Betty made a duplicate of that car key the day before she disappeared. In addition, Killian claims that he saw his dear and tender wife again on the evening of May 8th when he left the police station… Ariane then replies that, unfortunately, no other witness can confirm this.

He claims that he remembers that someone broke into Karine’s house the next day and that they then wanted to kill her. For him, this is no accident… and Ariane must admit that the development of these events is disturbing and suspicious!

Besides, the knife and the bloodstain found are only part of a larger pile, according to Thomas. Ariane does not respond to these words… The interlocutor knows very well that now he doubts like him. But how will they achieve the verification of this hypothesis that will change everything?

Betty is not dead!

At the end of this Thursday, May 16, Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, there’s a twist: Bette is indeed alive! While Killian, at the end of his mind, confesses to his wife’s murder, the young girl reappears with her mother. He has been hiding his son under the roof for three weeks!

Betty confesses that she wanted to scare Thomas the next day, and this worries her parents. The latter can no longer tolerate his son’s dirty tricks, especially since he knows that he is acting for the boy… Angry, he orders Betty to leave the building and get away with it.

Continued in Plus belle la vie…

Source: Allocine

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