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Rio has a law against sexual harassment in football stadiums

The rules also apply to other competition venues

The city of Rio de Janeiro has a law to combat harassment in football stadiums and other places where sporting activities take place (Law 8.330/2024). Approved by the City Council and sanctioned by the mayor Eduardo Paes, the text was published in this Tuesday’s edition (14th) of the Official Municipal Gazette. The intention is to combat sexual harassment during competitions. The law entered into force on the date of publication and will still be regulated by the City of Rio.

The text requires that permanent signs be posted in places with contents containing instructions for victims of sexual harassment to identify the aggressor, the number to call and the reporting bodies.

The law also suggests the creation of advertising elements to advertise the content. Furthermore, instructions on how to deal with sexual harassment must be disseminated via the sound system and video screens in stadium facilities and other sporting venues.

The rule also determines employee training. “Football clubs or entities that manage sports games, in partnership with the Public Power or with civil society organizations that operate in defense of women’s rights, must offer training courses to their employees and employees in order to provide instructions on how to act in case of sexual harassment.”

In yet another article, the text specifies that football stadiums must be equipped with an easily accessible alarm device “that can report the occurrence of sexual harassment to the security team and the Military Police”.

In the event of harassment, the recommendation is to call the Military Police to assist the victim and forward the aggressor to the police authorities for arrest in the act. “Security officers and employees of football stadiums and other places where sporting activities take place are authorized to call the Military Police, in the event of sexual harassment, to provide first aid to the victim and detain the aggressor so that he can be forwarded to the competent police authority to draw up an arrest report in flagrante delicto”.

Editing: Juliana Andrade

Source: Terra

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