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Planet of the Apes 2024: Who does New Kingdom pay homage to?

If you went to see Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom in theaters, you might be interested in sticking around for the end credits to see if director Wes Ball included a post-credits scene.

The filmmaker didn’t suggest a final scene announcing a possible sequel; However, you may have noticed the words at the end of the credits: “Dedicated to Mana Dervill”. He is the son of actor Eka Dervil, who plays the character Silva in Planet of the Apes.

The film’s producers wanted to pay tribute to a young boy who died tragically in October 2023 at the age of 10. The latter was fighting brain cancer.

“He will always be with us and he is always with us. You can imagine the sadness and grief of Eka, Lile and Lile’s parents, grandparents, me and her little brothers. But at the same time there is great joy. There is a lot of peace.Mana’s grandmother Malaika Maveena Dervil posted on social media.

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“There is so much peace in the house after 463 days of so much struggle that this whole ordeal started. And now she is free. Now she is dancing in the light. We all see it, feel it and I know that many of you, like me, have loved her forever, she has managed to touch more hearts. , than others in their entire lives. said the boy’s grandmother.

Note that the actor Eka Dervill became famous thanks to the role of Malcolm Dukas in the Marvel series Jessica Jones on Netflix. The 35-year-old Australian actor appeared in the indie film His Smell before landing on Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom.

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