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Megalopolis: Coppola spent hours smoking marijuana in his trailer during filming, says crew

Members of the team involved in the production of ‘Megalopolis’ stated that Francis Ford Coppola spent hours smoking marijuana instead of dedicating himself to filming

The dream of Francis Ford Coppola to take away Megalopolis from paper finally became reality. The director faced financing challenges and decided to invest his own money in production, even selling part of his wine empire. However, the filming process Coppola seemed a little carefree to members of his team.

Without revealing his identity, this person revealed to the The Guardian (via NME): “He used to show up in the morning before big sequences. No plan had been established, and he didn’t allow his collaborators to establish a plan. So he would often just sit in his trailer for hours on end, not talking to anyone , he was often smoking marijuana… And hours and hours passed without anything being filmed.”

“The crew and the cast would just stand there and wait. And then he would go out and come up with something that didn’t make sense, and that didn’t follow anything anyone had said or anything that was on the list. We all just dealt with it, trying to make it work. as best as possible. But pretty much every day, we would just walk away shaking our heads, wondering what we had just done in the last 12 hours.”

Another crew member added, “It sounds crazy to say this, but there have been times when we’ve all thought, ‘Has this guy ever made a movie before?'”

Source: Rollingstone

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