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Davi responds to requests for reporting of donations in RS: “This is called racism”

The BBB24 winner came under criticism when he started a donation campaign to help those affected by floods in the south of the country


Davi Brito, champion of BBB 24, criticized donations to flood victims in the RS, calling them racism.

BBB24 champion Davi Brito responded to criticism over donations he received to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul. During a live broadcast held on his Instagram this Wednesday the 15th, he described the tax accusations as racism.

“Anyone who wants an invoice for anything, proof that I paid for something there [no Rio Grande do Sul]Yes, I can confirm. No problem. I know the name. The name for all this is racism. It’s because a black person does it, so they want to ask for the bill,” Davi said.

Davi also joked about the possibility that the Public Prosecutor would investigate his bank account. “Go to the Prosecutor’s Office, he orders David to be confiscated to see if he is stealing money. It’s because he’s black,” he commented.

On Instagram Davi constantly updates the RS situation, carrying out actions and promoting donation campaigns. However, the young man became the subject of criticism after making his personal photo available to receive money.

Source: Terra

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