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Will Chris Pratt continue in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or go to the DCEU? The actor answers

Chris Pratt made his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in 2014 with the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Since that first appearance, Peter Quill, also called Star-Lord, has been a mainstay in the superhero movies he’s been a part of.

However, few details are currently available about his future in said universe. On the one hand, the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3” hinted that it will continue in the MCU, and on the other hand, some fans speculate that it will follow the path of director James Gunn, with whom he worked. several of the films, and will sign with DC to be a part of their films.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” or DC? Chris Pratt talks about his future in superhero movies

Recently, the 44-year-old actor made some statements in response to speculations about his future in superhero movies.

In an interview with ComicBook, Pratt said, “Well, it probably makes more sense for him to be Star-Lord again.”

However, he also did not rule out the idea of ​​trying his luck in the DC universe: “But anything is possible, and especially with James at DC. Maybe there’s something there that would be good.”

Not wanting to show off his talent, he assured, “Maybe both. How about both? Let’s do both. I think it’s 100% both.”

Chris Pratt says his condition is to do more ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movies.

When asked if he would reprise his role as Star-Lord, Pratt told IGN that he would “definitely” do so, but on one condition: “If the opportunity presented itself and it made sense and I felt it was worth it.” saying, then I’d definitely be open to it. “I love playing Star-Lord.”

However, Pratt also mentioned that it would be difficult to continue the saga without director James Gunn: “It would be difficult to do it without James, and you’d have to find a device to maintain the tone that he creates so skillfully, and this is a bit difficult because it is really unique. And it would have to be with his blessing, so we’ll see.”

Putting the character’s hypothetical future aside, the “Jurassic World” and “Parks and Recreation” actor expressed his gratitude and affection for Star-Lord, saying he “loves it” and that it “changed his life.” .

Would you like to see Chris Pratt in the role of Star-Lord again, or do you think he would do better alongside James Gunn at DC? Have your say in the comments.

Source: univision

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