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Bodkin on Netflix: Explaining the end of the police comedy

In Bodkin, Gilbert, Dove and Amy form a group of podcasters who decide to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient man in a picturesque Irish town that harbors dark and sinister secrets.

At the end of the series, they finally manage to solve a mysterious disappearance that happened in the small town of Bodkin. Over the course of seven episodes, a scandal involving nuns who teach yoga, illegally smuggled eels and cold-blooded murder is revealed.

Jolly Gilbert (Will Forte) arrives in Ireland for the first time to make a light-hearted podcast about the traditional festival, but with the help of a pigeon (Siobhan Cullen) and the help of her ambitious assistant Amy (Robin Cara), she discovers a story. A true crime that could be the success of his life.

What happens at the end of Bodkin

In Bodkin’s final episode, Gilbert and Dove are locked in a prison cell. Gilbert is released and finds Em with their landlady, Mrs. O’Shea, who tells him that she was the one who burned Sean, his son, and the driver’s car to scare them.

Meanwhile, Dove makes a deal with Interpol agents to catch Seamus Gallagher, who was planning to illegally sell eels for huge profits. The McArdles, a dangerous crime family with Seamus’ bloody past, set out to find him and brutally kill his dog after breaking into his home.

Fine team in the middle of the investigation

Sean captures the eels and plans to sell them to the Japanese yakuza against Seamus’ wishes. Gilbert explains to Seamus what happened to the love of his life, Fiona, twenty-five years ago, and tells him that she took refuge in Insh Convent Mac Tier with Mother Bernadette and a group of beekeeping nuns after an attack by the MacArdles. .

He also reveals that Sean is actually Seamus and Fiona’s son. Seamus tells Sean this and, ironically, accidentally shoots his son’s thumb. Seamus then goes into villain mode and sets up underground explosives to detonate them during the Samhain Festival. Do you tell me?

David Wilmot as Seamus

Why did Seamus plant the explosives?

After discovering that Sean is his son, Seamus seems to have a change of heart about him – realizing that he doesn’t want to screw him over after he leaves to sell eels on the side – but Sean doesn’t want to accept the truth. He supposedly breaks his father’s spirit by telling him to have nothing more to do with him, which sends Seamus into a violent frenzy.

Seamus is about to shoot Mrs. O’Shea, who has known the truth about him, Sean, and Fiona for years, but Sean intervenes and accidentally loses his thumb. Filled with rage and guilt, Seamus discovers that Gilbert has been recording every exchange for his podcast all along, which is the straw that broke the camel’s back. He no longer has any qualms about pressing the detonator.

Ger Kelly as Ted

What happened to Teddy, Fiona and Malachi in the 1990s?

One of Bodkin’s biggest mysteries is what happened to Fiona. She was initially thought to have been found dead in the trunk of Sergeant Power’s car, but the body turned out to be Greta’s.

Greta was a member of a New Age group who was accidentally hit and killed by Sergeant Power with his car while covering the murder of Seamus’ brother Malachi by his son Ted.

The McArdles were heading to Bodkin on the night of the Samhain festival, and Seamus wanted to make sure they left town. Teddy and Malachi argue about Fiona and Teddy kills her with a brick. Fiona took refuge in a convent where she died giving birth to Sean.

The true meaning of Bodkin’s ending

Bodkin ends almost all of his arcs in the finale, and Gilbert, Dove, and Amy leave town for good. It is not known if Seamus escaped after the truck full of eels exploded, but it is implied that the McArdles eventually caught up with him.

Gilbert finishes recording the podcast and reflects on what he’s lost along the way, including his marriage. This leaves him uncertain about his future, although he manages to get some great news. So he throws his recorder into the river in the final moments of the series.

Will Forte as Gilbert

Throwing his audio recorder into the river, Gilbert tries to redeem himself from his unethical and deceptive practices in order to get the end of the story from the beginning. Instead of profiting from history, he leaves it where he thinks it should be: in the past.

As for Dove, she also steps away from her life as an investigative journalist, returning to her childhood convent to reconnect with herself and gain some perspective from a life spent in a world of crime and murder.

And Amy finds confidence in a promotion at the Guardian, while Sean asserts his loyalty to Mrs. O’Shea, who is not his real mother but has always acted like Bodkin.

All episodes of Bodkin are available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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