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The new AMD CPUs will have the name Ryzen AI instead of suffixes

With the arrival of a new generation, AMD could soon change the nomenclature of its processors to Ryzen AI HX and abandon the classic suffixes U, H and HS

With the imminent announcement of the news Ryzen 9050 processors codenamed Strix Point for notebooksTHE OMG is expected to change its naming scheme for CPUs soon. Information from an insider Lenovo published on the Chinese social network Weibo indicate that the red team will leave behind the U, H and HS suffixes, adopting the Ryzen AI HX scheme.

This isn’t the first time this has happened the term Ryzen AI is related to AMD processorssince it is already used by the Santa Clara company since the announcement of Hawk Point generation in late 2023. However, the change in the trade name of its products is unprecedented and should aim to simplify the terms for the consumer.

If before next Ryzen 9050 it would be called Ryzen 9 9750HX, for example, now the processors will have to adopt something like Ryzen AI 9HX 170. In addition to the introduction of the term AI, the company will have to use the suffix HX in almost all models, maintaining the segment (5/ 7 /9) and the further one hundred (100), which must refer to the current generation. In fact, all this is very similar to what what Intel recently did with Intel Core Ultra.

In addition to the additions, AMD will remove some frequently used terms in CPUs. The low voltage suffixes U (15W), H (35W), and HS (45W) will be dropped from standard use. Only the high-performance HX termination (55W+) will be retained, perhaps similar to the Ultra term used in the recent processors of the blue rival.

AMD's AI technology is powered by an NPU that uses the XDNA microarchitecture (Image: Disclosure/AMD)

While the idea makes it easier to understand, removing the U/H/HS terms will mean users will have to manually look up the power consumption of the parts. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see how consumers deal with the change.

Source: Weibo

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