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“This is one of the biggest data leaks ever”: In 3 episodes, this Netflix series looks back at the scandal that swept the world in 2015.

What is it about?

By exposing the intimate data of millions of users, the hack of a dating site that promotes adultery, destroys marriages and destroys lives.

“Life is too short”

Sex, lies and scandal. Those aren’t the three words Netflix uses to describe its new documentary, which in just 3 hours looks back at one of the biggest data breaches of the 2010s.

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We’re obviously talking about Ashley Madison, a dating site that has exploded over the years and peaked in 2015. With more than 124 million visits per month that year, the platform connected men and women who wanted an extramarital affair. Their mantra? “Life is too short, have an adventure.”

If the site’s promise was to offer unprecedented discretion to its users, it was without taking into account the unprecedented hacking that Ashley Madison suffered in 2015, which led to one of the world’s largest data breaches. If you were registered on this platform, you are now masked…

This hack, which affected 53 countries where the service was available, apparently ruined millions of lives, broke up couples… and sometimes worse. And that’s what the documentary series does.

This investigation goes back in particular to the creation of this dating site and the people who promoted it: How did the concept of adultery allow its leaders to become millionaires?

Because if the American media and popular opinion were against them (we are talking about a very religious country), they still managed to attract a lot of customers thanks to offensive and bold communication. The directors recount this expansion from the perspective of his former managers, but also from some clients who have agreed to testify openly.

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This 3-part documentary series is quite interesting for those who didn’t know Ashley Madison existed and who knew nothing about the scandal. If we ultimately know nothing about those who leaked information in 2015, the portraits and testimonies of these men who succumbed to the temptation of adultery are presented well enough to follow the episodes.

Source: Allocine

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