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Secret L-shaped chamber found at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza

Using radar technology and electrical tomography, archaeologists have found a mysterious underground structure beneath the Western Cemetery in the city of Giza.

A mysterious L-shaped structure has been found subway of the west cemetery of Giza, at the foot of the The pyramids of Egypt, thanks to remote sensing techniques. Members of the pharaonic royal families and high-ranking officials of ancient Egypt are buried in the region. Many tombs have surface mastabas, rectangular stone or mud brick constructions with flat slabs.

At the center of Giza’s Western Cemetery, however, is a region devoid of surface structures. To study the underground part of the site, archeologists used electrical resistivity tomography, which shoots electric currents toward the ground and measures their resistance to identify objects. Penetrating radar was also used and that is how the facility was found.

What’s in the secret chamber of Giza?

Location where, according to scientists, the secret L-shaped chamber at the foot of the pyramids was identified (Image: Sato et al./Archaeological Prospection)

The mysterious structure was found at 2 meters deep, is at least 10 meters long and is arranged in an “L” shape, closer to the The Pyramid of Khafre. The lead author of the study describing the construction is Motoyuki Sato, who published it with his team in the scientific journal Archaeological prospecting on May 5th.

According to technological detections made at the cemetery, the underground location is a “highly resistant anomaly” – meaning its interior could be filled with a mixture of sand and gravel or simply be an air void. The closed corner of the chamber is what made researchers believe it was a man-made structure.

TO Giza region, there are some buildings made to receive offerings that are “L” shaped, but they are usually above ground, not underground. The study was conducted in the region between 2021 and 2023, involving collaborative work between the universities of Higashi Nippon, Tohoku and Egypt’s National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics.

Source: Archaeological prospecting

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