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Dune Prophecy: discover the first trailer of the Bene Gesserit series

Dune: Prophecythe first Bene Gesserit series

After David Lynch’s 1984 version, Dune was entitled to a new adaptation in 2021, signed by Denis Villeneuve. In addition to the recently released sequel, the success of the first film prompted HBO to develop a series in the same universe. The story of the show entitled Prophecy takes place ten thousand years before the birth of Paul Atreides. She is interested a brotherhood that maneuvers politically to achieve his goal. And then it will become one known as Bene Gesserit.

The series is based on The Community of Sisters. The novel was co-written by Frank Herbert’s son, Brian. The latter enriched his father’s work after his death. He has written numerous books set in the same universe as Dune with Kevin J. Anderson. While Prophecy will be released in several months, the series has just released a first trailer.

First images of the show

Max (formerly called “HBO Max”) has released the first trailer for Prophecy. We find it there the aesthetics of films Dune by Denis Villeneuve, proof that a substantial budget was made available to the series’ technical team. The trailer (front page video) promises to show us how the brotherhood that later became the Bene Gesserit was acquired a great influence within the universe. The show should then explore how these characters pulled strings behind the scenes to acquire significant political power.

It was Jon Spaihts and Diane Ademu-John who created it Dune: Prophecy. Denis Villeneuve was involved in the project as a producer. As for distribution, Emily Watson and Olivia Williams they inherited the roles of Valya and Tula Harkonnen respectively, two sisters of great importance in the brotherhood destined to become the Bene Gesserit. Among other important characters in the series, Marco Forte was cast as Emperor Javicco Corrino and Jodhi May his wife, Natalia.

Release scheduled for autumn

Prophecy will arrive on Max in autumn 2024. We’re still waiting for the streaming service to announce a specific release date. Subsequently, the cinematic universe of Dune will continue to expand. As announced at the beginning of April, Denis Villeneuve will direct the adaptation of the novel The Messiah of Dune. The feature film does not yet have a release date.

Source: Cine Serie

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