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Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Friday 17 May 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil that airs Friday night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Friday 17 May at Un si grand soleil…

Cedric and Arno plot against Anna

The atmosphere is especially tense between Claire and Florent. Indeed, the nurse finds it difficult to understand why her companion should return to the police station when he was already there yesterday. Although he would have preferred to spend the weekend with his family, Florent unfortunately has no choice. It must be said that the lawyer cannot see himself leaving Anna alone with everything she is going through at the moment. However, Claire planned to use this weekend to get together. Uncomfortable, Florent promises to compensate her.

At the police station, Manu called Hugo into his office about Philip Agera’s autopsy report because he wanted to know if, in case of heart failure, asphyxiation automatically leads to cardiac arrest. If Philip’s death technically appears to be an accident, it is not. Indeed, everything suggests that the attackers knew Philip’s health condition and were confident that they would induce cardiac arrest using chloroform.

At the same time, Manu tells Anna that his imprisonment has been lifted and he will be brought before the judge.

Meanwhile, Tais calls Arno and invites him to spend the evening with his friends at the beach. Since he already has something planned with Cedric, Arno asks if he can take him. Embarrassed, the young woman understands that he does not prefer it. Indeed, Tice is not very comfortable in his presence and something is bothering him. In understanding, Arno wishes him a good evening.

In court, Judge Alphand believes he has enough evidence to charge Anna with first degree murder. That is why he is asking to be placed in pre-trial detention.

Returning to the office, Florent told Johanna the bad news. As much as she fears that her protégé will not end up in prison, Johanna insists that she did what she could. However, the lawyer feels that he has abandoned a friend. So Johanna tries to realize that she is very involved in this work and that she is doing a lot with a little. According to him, Anna was manipulating from the beginning, but Florent does not believe it at all.

At the police station, Captain Leon questions Laurent Bourdiet again, who finally tells him that a thirty-year-old named Sylvain found it in Philippe’s safe.

As night falls, Arno explains to Cedric that Tyce is watching over him. So he asks her to make an effort to prevent them from burning. Afterwards, Arno tells her that Anna is in prison. and add that “Everything is going exactly as planned“.

Mark continues to investigate the flies

Although his ego as an author has been bruised by his editor-in-chief, Mark meets Mr. Brochard and asks to show him around his apartment. However, the latter refuses, because his house has been completely disinfected.

Mark then calls Johanna to find out if Mr. Brochard has invoiced us for disinfecting the apartment. After confirming with him, Johanna sends him an email. Then the journalist quickly points out that the amount is too high and does not correspond to the market price at all.

Not far from there, Mr. Brochard goes to Maitre Levard’s office and tells him that a journalist has come to his house to question him. Although this is not surprising to him, the lawyer realizes that the only way to calm the situation is to stop the auction. So Mr. Brochard decided to accept the hospital’s offer.

At Midi Libre, Marc discovers that Mr. Broschard is a shareholder in SCI, which owns a building in Montpellier. Later at the site, he interviews one of the tenants, who says the building has been infested with bugs for months. Although the owner initially refused to do anything, he finally had the building disinfected last week. Mark then understands why Mr. Brochard’s disinfection bill was so high.

Source: Allocine

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