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Arnaldo Cezar Coelho recalls an incredible story with Silvio Luiz: ‘What a night!’

The former referee received an unusual invitation from Silvio Luiz and ended up regretting it: “I never agreed to sleep there again”

Arnaldo Cezar Coelhoformer World Cup referee, decided to pay tribute to Silvio Luiz, who passed away this Thursday, with an incredible story that happened between them.

It all started when the announcer decided to offer Arnaldo a place to sleep after a match in Sao Paulo. Arnaldo decided to accept because he would return to Rio only the following day. But he regretted accepting it.

At the narrator’s house, Arnaldo ended up having to sleep in the “dog house,” and he wasn’t a nice dog.

– Silvio Luiz, after a match, offered me to sleep at his house before returning to Rio. I slept in his German Shepherd room, which surrounded the bed all night. What a night! I never agreed to sleep there again lol – said Arnaldo, on “X”, former Twitter.

The story received thousands of likes and was praised in the comments for bringing some joy to the storyteller’s memory at such a sad time.


The sports presenter died this Thursday (16 years old), aged 89. The cause of death was multiple organ failure. He will be buried and laid to rest in the Gethsemane cemetery, in Sao Paulo. The narrator marked a generation with his catchphrases that remained etched in the memories of many fans.

Silvio Luiz has always been a boy linked to football. This is because before embarking on a career as a sports announcer, between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s he tried to be a football referee. In journalism, in fact, he ended up becoming director of programming at Rede Record and worked in various media, such as the radio stations Bandeirantes, Record, TV Excelsior, SBT, TV Paulista, among others.

The narrator has been present at several World Cups and has been one of the main voices of Brazilian sport in recent decades. However, his slogans left an impression on the listeners. Phrases like: “I’m watching the game, yes…”, “Watch with me in the replay” and “For the love of my little children”, have left their mark on generations.

Lately Silvio Luiz worked at TV Record where he hosted an alternative broadcast of the Campeonato Paulista matches together with comedians Carioca and Bola. In fact he got sick for the first time in one of the state matches. During the match between Palmeiras and Santos, the narrator felt ill and ended up hospitalized.

Source: Terra

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