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Mad Max Furiosa: ‘Absolute Triumph’…Fiery First Reviews at Cannes for 2024’s Most Anticipated Action Movie

Top Gun Maverick in 2022. Indiana Jones and the Clock of Destiny in 2023. and Furiosa today. It’s become a Cannes habit: the big 80s sagas take a detour through the Croisette before returning to set the theaters alight.

Nine years after his triumph with Mad Max Fury Road, George Miller returns to the South of France with his prequel, in which Anya Taylor-Joy replaces Charlize Theron and opposite Chris Hemsworth. Presented out of competition this Wednesday, May 15, the feature film seems to be more popular than the first reviews posted online.

(“Furiosa is an absolute triumph. Not only one of the best prequels ever made (it complicates and deepens Fury Road at every turn), but an immensely satisfying revenge epic in its own right. The movies: Sometimes they’re great!”)

Aurélien Allin – Cinema : As the story progresses, Furiosa, perhaps even more so than previous Mad Max installments, emerges as a monstrous, distorted and grotesque vision of the world as it already exists – a masculine, twisted, oppressive, life-disrespecting study of the impossible mourning of all that Apocalypse ( or death or oblivion) ​​takes us.”

(“Furiosa hits the pedal to the metal. Tense, compelling and wild, filmmaker George Miller has created a masterful proto-punk rock, neo-Western opus. Large-scale action at its finest. Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth are superb. An absolute hit.”)

A rich, sprawling epic that only expands and deepens the Mad Max mythology

John Nugent – Empire : “The chassis may look familiar, but a different engine from Fury Road powers Furiosa: it’s a rich, sweeping epic that only expands and deepens Max’s mythology. Long live it!”

(“Holy crap! I absolutely loved Furiosa! George Miller just keeps getting better with insane action, high-octane adrenaline, and constant on-screen madness. This is a movie giant screens and powerful sound systems are made for!”)

The impression of seeing the myth and the heroine comes alive like never before. You are wrong

(“Furiosa somehow achieves the impossible: it’s an absolutely triumphant prequel to the venerable Fury Road. Sly, terrifying, eccentric, it maximizes the most imaginative extravagance of the happiest Anna Taylor-Joy we’ve ever seen. .”)

(“George Miller creates a daring post-apocalyptic epic with Furiosa. The artist’s mythic apotheosis. A unique and relentless odyssey of violence and revenge of epic proportions, told in all the majesty of a cheeky grandfather who unfolds the tale of humanity beyond words!”)

For those made even more impatient by these scathing reviews, Furiosa will be released in French cinemas on Wednesday, May 22, with previews the night before.

Source: Allocine

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