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Amanda Meirelles ends volunteering after 10 days in RS: “But I’ll be back”

The “BBB 23” champion returns to Sao Paulo after 100-hour shifts, but promises to return soon to help other flood victims in southern Brazil

“BBB 23” champion, Amanda Meirelles, returned to Sao Paulo this Thursday (5/16), after 10 days of volunteering in Rio Grande do Sul. The doctor worked as a volunteer in hospitals in the region and also helped animal people in shelters where flood victims were sent.

In the Stories of his Instagram profile, he reflects on the experience and promises to return to the state of Rio Grande do Sul to resume work: “After ten days I return to Sao Paulo. Like most volunteers, I spent a few hours waiting for a place on the flight to the base and during the period I reflected on the days.”

“I returned to the hospitals, I went to the streets and to the shelters and I am sure that there is still a lot to do. I had contact with several volunteers who came from different parts of Brazil in an emotional chain of solidarity that made me believe that there are still good people in the world”, wrote the woman from Paraná.

The strength of the Gauchos

Amanda praised the courage of the other volunteers: “And there is no person or donation that will take away the credit from the people of Rio Grande do Sul. It was the people who saved the people, finding their greatest strength in moments of uncertainty” .

“A professional colleague who was in one of the flooded hospitals, helping to transport patients for rescue, emotionally introduced me to the song ‘Querência Amada’ and in it there is a phrase that sums it all up: ‘Kindness does not it’s never too much.’ The heart tightens with the feeling that I could do more, I will go, but I will return,” he promised.

100 hours in intensive care

Last Monday (13), Amanda shared a photo with another doctor who worked in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Rio Grande do Sul and revealed that she had already exceeded the 100 hour threshold in intensive care for the care of victims of floods.

“My almost daily duo”, read the caption of the image in which the blonde appeared accompanied by her doctor colleague Rafael Meinecke Monteiro. “One hundred and a few hours of service and they continue to increase,” explained the healthcare professional.

Amanda traveled with former BBB doctors Thelma Assis and Marcela McGowan to provide volunteer work and care for patients who were victims of the tragedy in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Recognition and emotion

The commitment of the “BBB 23” champion was recognized in a video published this Thursday by the Rio Grande do Sul nutritionist Laís Schuh, volunteer for the rescue of animals during the flood that hit Rio Grande do Sul. In the publication, Amanda appears to be taking care of a dog for him.

“Many people have already been here helping, volunteering. Many with a lot of visibility, including, but none were like Amanda Meirelles. She came here without any intention of being seen. She got her hands dirty, she went to look for a place for us where to put rescued animals, help those who arrived very weak and publicize our work So, we are always grateful to those who deserve it. Thank you very much, Amanda!

Upon learning of the publication, Amanda responded: “It moves me to see this message, truly, from the heart. I have learned things that I will carry with me throughout my life. The world needs people like you who offer who they are, and they are so many.”

Source: Terra

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