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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are divorcing, the magazine says

The marriage of Hollywood stars may be nearing its end

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The wedding of Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck Your days may be numbered. According to the magazine In contactthe stars of Hollywood they separated after less than two years together.

At the North American portal, a source declared that “they simply couldn’t make it work”. Fans, in fact, had already noticed a distance between the couple in public appearances.

Affleck, in fact, did not participate I met Gala with his wife. At the time he explained that he would be busy recording the film. The accountant 2.

According to the magazine’s source, “for the first time Ben Affleck is not responsible” for the divorce. Furthermore, the actor has reportedly already left the $60 million (about R$307 million) house they shared.

Lopez, in turn, was photographed while looking for a new property in Beverly Hills. With the separation it is assumed that the couple’s villa will be sold.

The wedding marks the reunion of Hollywood stars

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been married in the past. The union, however, ended in January 2004. After 17 years, however, they met again and started dating again in 2021, before remarrying in 2022.

Source: Terra

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