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News on Netflix: Yes, this hero is stronger than the Hulk!

What if they call you a superhero, with a shaved head and a bit of a swagger? Yes, we’re obviously talking about Saitama, the protagonist of the manga and anime One Punch Man (2015), which Netflix subscribers can (re)discover starting May 15 on Netflix. If you’ve already heard of this series but don’t know what it’s about, here’s a brief description:

To pass the time, Saitama became a hero. Three years of special training gave him a power that made him invincible. But Saitama has become so powerful that one punch is enough to defeat any opponent, no matter how strong. Even today, a new enemy faces this tired hero who has lost his motivation… and his hair! Will he be able to find the potato?

“Hilarious parody of superhero stories”

With over 2,000 ratings of 4.3 out of 5, One Punch Man is one of the must-watch anime of recent years according to AlloCiné subscribers. And we couldn’t recommend this series any better than these:

“The plot and atmosphere of this series is absolutely hell. Making the common man a hero with lightning fists is what this series does. However, we can criticize the series of battles as too brevity and without any real substance. For my part, I would like a real scenario that takes us from the beginning to the end.” (visitor)

“It’s very funny, it’s enjoyable, the characters are charming, the hero goes against all the usual shonen stereotypes of rising from nothing, here he is the guy who sets all the counters to zero, on earth or in the country. the world. It’s great on every level, but it’s so good, I can’t wait for season 3!” (zacfil)

“A great find, an original and refreshing piece of work that doesn’t take itself seriously and is completely uninhibited. Just what you need to get your anime side up and running again in this very atypical Japanese series.(Toto INF)

“Really good series. The animation from Madhouse studio is successful and very spectacular. The strange world and characters are quite cool…time passes quickly without any lingering.” (croston)

“This series is a hilarious parody of superhero stories. The idea of ​​a hero being so powerful that no fight brings him joy is brilliant. a must see” (Stefan Bilo)

“Well, it took me 5 years to watch this series and I’m surprised that I’m laughing so much. It’s so silly, I love it. “ (sosa)

Did you know that a film adaptation was in development?

A bored singer is looking for a tired hero

Saitama is a hero who is bored because he can’t find anyone who matches him and who prefers to stay alone in his apartment and have a drink rather than socialize. When he is sent to participate in rescue missions, he does not care about his popularity. And to voice such a character in French, the studios made the best choice: the singer Orelsan.

The artist, mangaka One fan and his superhero like no one else is a welcome touch of humor and a perfect fit for this jaded and inexperienced character (except when he’s had a bad day and missed a sale, which makes him angry). If you’re a VO purist, you’ll be very surprised by the VF version, which is worth a detour here.

Season 1 of One Punch Man, available on Netflix starting May 15th, only has 12 short episodes that can be watched quite easily. The platform promised the second season to arrive on June 1. As for the third season, it hasn’t aired in France yet…

Source: Allocine

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