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The resident agrees to leave the roof of her home in RS only after saving her 27 kittens

The woman spent more than 48 hours without water or food; other rescue teams refused to save the cats


Deise Falci, a volunteer who helps save pets in Rio Grande do Sul due to floods, told Ana Maria during an interview the story of Sandra, a resident who refused to leave her home until her 27 cats were not saved.

Ana Maria Braga spoke with volunteer Deise Falci who helped save pets during the Rio Grande do Sul floods. The protector has already participated in dozens of rescues and highlighted the case of a resident who refused to leave her home until her 27 cats were finally rescued.

“Sandra was a very interesting case, because three or four rescue teams had already gone to get her, but when they saw that they had to get all the cats, he had 27 cats…no one wanted to save the cats. In addition to dogs. These two who appear in the video appeared on the roof next door asking for help. And Sandra kept three other puppies on the roof for more than 48 hours, without food, without water,” Deise said on More youfrom TV Globo, this Thursday 16th.

“She [Sandra] he did it save all the cats. After counting each save, she agreed to come down from the roof,” the pimp explained.

According to the Rio Grande do Sul Civil Protection bulletin, released on Thursday at 6pm, 11,932 animals were saved from the floods. In all, more than 2 million people were affected by the rains, with 151 dead and another 104 missing.

Civil Protection budget

  • Confirmed deaths: 151
  • Municipalities involved: 461
  • People in shelters: 77,199
  • Homeless: 540,192
  • Interested: 2,281,830
  • Injured: 806
  • Missing: 104
  • Confirmed deaths: 151
  • Deaths under investigation*: 0
  • People rescued: 76,620
  • Animals saved: 11,932
  • Effective: 27,715
  • Vehicles: 4,105
  • Planes: 20
  • Ships: 287
  • Find out how to donate any amount to the official Pix of Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: Terra

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