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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Friday 17 May 2024 Episode 1688 [SPOILERS]


Friday 17th May Tomorrow belongs to us…

Renault was seriously injured

After hearing gunshots from the break room, Karim and RAID agents force their way in to arrest Malbec.

Renault, who intervened to save William, was shot in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital with Aaron. Marian only has time to see him before entering the operating room. While William wants to help his colleague in the operation, Marian orders him to go home. William tells him what happened before leaving.

After spending the night in the hospital, Mariana is joined by Chloe and Alex. With no news from Renault, everyone is worried. But everyone remains optimistic. For his part, William feels guilty for not doing more to help Reno, who saved his life.

At the police station, Karim interrogates Malbec, who confesses that he wanted to take revenge for his wife’s death by attacking the doctors he believed were responsible for the situation.

Later, Roxanne informs Martin and Karim that she found a bullet related to Curtis while on the run. Indeed, he spotted a catamaran that had been chartered after a series of robberies and that had not left port since. So he assumes that the family will meet there to go to Spain. Martin warns area harbormasters.

At the hospital, the Delcourts learn that Reno is finally out of the operating room. Marianna is deeply relieved that he is out of the woods. A short time later, Aaron comes in to give the details of the operation and emphasizes that Reno’s hospitalization will last several weeks.

Mariana does not waste a second to go to her husband’s bed. Both declare their love to each other. Suddenly Reno can’t breathe anymore…

George next to Mona and Melody

After Georges wants to surprise his mother, who has been playing sports with Melody, he has to make it clear to his partner that he shouldn’t continue if Mona is too abusive. But Melody confirms that this is not the case and that the situation does not bother her at all.

Despite everything, Georges goes to Spoon to check on his mother. He accuses her of only wanting to extract information about their relationship from Melody and forbids her from ever seeing him again.

Later, Melody goes to Spoon to find the slave who canceled all their sessions without explanation. Audrey admits to him that she came home quite angry after her conversation with Georges.

In the evening, Mona and Melody get revenge by planning a movie night for them to spend time together and prove to Georges that they really do get along. When Melody returns from the session, Georges looks a little forlorn. Her lover teases her: she realized that she wanted her mother for herself.

Violet invites Jordan

At breakfast, Liz teases Jordan about Violet, saying that everyone knows she likes him. But the young man persistently denies this.

At the high school, Bastien talks to Violetta about his idea to start an association that combines ecology and mutual aid. He can clearly see that his friend is not very attentive and suspects that Jordan is waiting for him.

During the day, Violet tries to inform her students about the association project with Bastien. Jordan is very excited. He even offers to help write the articles of association.

Source: Allocine

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