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Brad Pitt to Top Gun Director Maverick: This $300 Million Movie Has a Release Date

Brad Pitt and Joseph Kosinski launch themselves into F1

In April 2023 we learned this Brad Pitt would turn into a Formula 1 driver for an ambitious upcoming film directed by Joseph Kosinski. Enough to make you want when you see what the director has proposed Top Gun: nonconformist (2022). We can expect a similar approach focused on realism when we see the production details as well. Indeed, to ensure that it was as credible as possible, the production decided to install its cameras within the F1 championship itself, thus allowing the actor to appear alongside real drivers. On Sunday 9 July 2023, the British Grand Prix saw Joseph Kosinski’s teams wandering around the paddock to take the first images. The opportunity for Brad Pitt to appear in the outfit of the APXGP teama fictional team he joins in the titled film Apex.

The latest news is that the actor will star a pilot from the 90s who was the victim of a terrible accident. His friend (Javier Bardem) the owner of APXGP will then appeal to this effect the veteran and a young prodigy (Damson Idris) helps the team finally get points in the league. The filming ofApex unfortunately it was delayed due to the actors’ and actresses’ strike in Hollywood (late 2023). But production will finally resume, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who announced it filming will resume next week.

Budget of $300 million and release in 2025 Apex

Jerry Bruckheimer didn’t stop there as he also discussed the film Peopleexplaining it Brad Pitt must have trained for “four or five months. Which then allowed him to actually drive a racing car. But how fast? The producer was careful not to say so, specifying that”the insurance company would kill him if they knew“.

In any case, we were promised an immersive experiencein particular thanks to the use of IMAX cameras and Joseph Kosinski’s desire to shoot real images rather than using digital effects (CGI). This is what the director clarified Collider : “This is exactly the Formula 1 approach… Filming real races and real cars and capturing them will be a huge challenge, but exciting for me“.

Brad Pitt and Damson Idris on the set of Apex
Brad Pitt and Damson Idris on the set of Apex

Finally, it seems that Apple, which produces Apex, saw the big picture so that Joseph Kosinski and Brad Pitt could put this movie together. The latest reports suggest so a budget of 300 million dollars! An impressive budget that could be explained by the strike mentioned above. Because since then a new Formula 1 season has begun, with cars with a different design. We therefore imagine that few elements shot last summer will be able to be used and that the majority will have to be shot again.

In any case, to try to make this blockbuster profitable, Apple would like to release the feature film in theaters (particularly IMAX). starting June 27, 2025 in the United States. As for The Assassins of the Flower Moon AND Napoleonafter its exploitation, Apex will arrive on the Apple TV+ streaming platform. We don’t yet know which studio will be responsible for the theatrical release. But given the ambition of the project, there’s no doubt that Apple needs to find a collaborator to take it on.

Source: Cine Serie

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