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Streaming platforms want to pay Hollywood stars for performances

There was a time when actors, producers and screenwriters saw streaming platforms as the golden goose of entertainment. The job offer was vast and the pay was great.

This golden era, however, seems to be coming to an end. According to Bloomberg, Apple TV+ would be willing to promote a radical change in the way it pays Hollywood talent.

Today the company prepays all projects as if they were successful, even before their premiere. The idea now is to condition the value on the performance of a series or film.

Under the new proposal, talents would receive bonuses based on a points system. The size of this bonus will be based on three criteria:

This format is not closed yet. Apple is open to talking to those involved. The fact is that the first meetings have already begun and change seems to be a road of no return.

Image: shutterstock/DANIEL CONSTANTE

Market trend

James Wan on the set of
Director, producer and screenwriter James Wan on the set of ‘Maligno’. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/Disclosure

A bit of history

It is worth noting that Netflix was the one who started this business of paying high prices regardless of the outcome. The other platforms have just followed the market leader.

And this decision was strategic, right from the birth of the company. Imagine entering an already consolidated segment, which already paid very well and which was dominated by centuries-old cinema giants.

How would you convince top talent to work for you that no one knows about yet? How can we convince these people that having a film available for subscription on the Internet would be better than showing it in the cinema? Same thing for a series, but in an era when pay TV channels still reigned supreme.

Netflix on TV via Freestocks/Unsplash
Netflix on TV via Freestocks/Unsplash

Well, the way Netflix found it was to pay more. And at the beginning they paid a lot of bonuses, giving these professionals the impression of receiving even more. And the quality metric was left aside: you would earn money regardless of performance. That story is about to change.

The information comes from Bloomberg.

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