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Killer Klowns From Outer Space is the most ridiculous game I’ve played this year

Killer Klowns From Outer Space revives the classic trash horror and brings a fun and bizarre game that isn’t afraid to be ridiculous

Killer Klowns from space It is a very particular game. Although it surfs the same wave as other horror games based on cinema classics, such as e.g Friday the 13th: The Game AND The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But, unlike them, the title from Teravision Games and illfonic is based on a film that is more than trash.

Launched in Brazil under the name Killer clowns, the 1988 film fell in love with fans of the genre because it was a bizarre mix of horror and comedy – terrir, as the style was nicknamed – that created its horror from the combination of the ridiculous and the absurd. After all, what better way to describe the story of killer clowns arriving from outer space in a circus-shaped spaceship?

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is as ridiculous as a game about clowns from outer space can be (Image: Playback/Illfonic)

Because it is precisely this madness that the game tries to translate – and which, surprisingly, it does very well. OR Canaltech got early access to the game, played a few games, and discovered some of this interstellar circus madness.

A multiplayer joke

Just like recent games based on horror franchises, Killer Klowns from space it is based on asymmetric multiplayer, that is, in which players face different experiences during the game. On the one hand, a team is responsible for the killer clowns and, on the other, the humans who fight to survive – and each of them has their own goals and mechanisms.

The clowns' goal is to turn humans into cocoons to create the Klownpocalypse.  Yes. (Image: Playback/Illfonic)

Not surprisingly, clowns are much more fun to play with than humans. This is because, just like in the movies, they are ridiculous and this makes the game more fun.

Controlling these arena aliens, you have one goal: use your cotton candy gun to turn humans into eggplant-shaped cocoons and place them in some machines scattered around the scene. If all these devices are activated, the game time expires, the Klownpocalypse occurs.

Clowns have so many options that they are easily the best thing in the game (Image: Playback/Illfonic)

Yes, it’s stupid on that level and that’s what makes things very interesting. Because, just like in the movie, illfonic and Teravision Games have managed to use all these ridiculous elements to their advantage to create their own identity, and even if you’re embarrassed to describe the game out loud, things work.

The clowns move strangely, their weapons are pretty silly – both the cotton candy laser, the popcorn gun, and their giant hammer – and even their abilities border on silly, like the mega jump you can do of from time to time. But when all these crazy things come together, you understand why the hell they resurrected an already dead and buried franchise.

However, the centerpiece of the prank is the Klowntality (yes, that’s the name), a special submission you can perform to kill your victims once and for all. Instead of turning them into fuel for your car, you can eliminate them with a special move similar to Mortal combatbut with a slightly exaggerated humor.


To be honest, making my prey fly with a hammer or turning them into a human cake is a lot more fun than putting them in cocoons.

Run to survive

Given so much nonsense, one even expects that playing with humans isn’t a tenth of the same madness. Anyway, Killer Klowns from space does a good job of creating mechanisms to make controlling these teenagers interesting.

As a normal person who encounters a poorly made-up clown from outer space, there’s not much you can do but run and escape. And that’s your goal here, even with many levels of possibilities.

Playing with humans is a little less fun (Image: Playback/Illfonic)

Each map has escape points, but you need to complete some small objectives to activate them. To escape by boat, for example, you need to find a liter of gasoline and take it there, as well as activate the engine. It sounds simple, but haste indicates your location to the clowns and dealing with them is not such an easy task.

Humans have some weapons that can help deal with aliens. Firearms help, but ammo is limited, and knives and other items are as useful as they are limited. Therefore, staying away from them is always the best solution.

The main mechanic of humans is to search for resources to deal with clowns (Image: Reproduction/Illfonic)

However, being an ordinary person does not mean you are helpless and you may even react to the cocoon. Depending on the equipment at your disposal, you will be able to destroy the structure from the inside or sabotage the machine if you have not yet been captured.

The objective here is precisely to stop the Klown apocalypse and escape as soon as possible. For this reason, stopping the clowns’ actions is more than crucial, especially when your friends are out there and need help.

Good ideas amidst the madness

It’s impressive how Killer Klowns from space manages to balance good ideas alongside a lot of madness. The game is not afraid of the bizarre and ridiculous of the original film and embraces them to create creative solutions for an already widely explored genre.


The biggest example of this (as if there were no examples of crazy things in the game) is the card dynamics. When killed during the game, human players are not put in a waiting room or forced to passively watch clowns chase them. What Teravision Games and illfonic did was turn this moment into a minigame.

When you die, you are faced with several minigames that appear from time to time while the game is still in progress. These are small memory challenges or whack-a-mole challenges, funfair style. It’s something designed to entertain you while you wait and help your teammates at the same time.

Each of these minigames generates an advantage card that you can distribute to allies. These are useful weapons or items that can change the outcome of the game. A knife that suddenly appears can cause an imprisoned human to escape, just as a healing item can appear to restore his full strength. HP.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space isn't afraid to be ridiculous and that's great (Image: Playback/Illfonic)

It’s a great idea disguised as an idiotic joke, a description that reflects its spirit very well Killer Klowns from space. Without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous games I’ve played this year and, precisely for this reason, so fun and unique.

Killer Klowns from space arrives June 4th on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series/S.

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