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Cinema Quiz: Be Smart to Succeed on 9/9!

An iconic sci-fi saga since the 1960s, Planet of the Apes continues to captivate the public. Adapted from the universe created by French novelist Pierre Boulle, the 10th film has just hit theaters and has already attracted nearly a million curious people to theaters.

The latter were able to discover completely new characters, since the “New Kingdom” takes place several generations after the reign of Caesar (the hero of the previous trilogy), while the primates finally took power and the humans devolved into a savage state.

To mark the release of this event, we present you with a quiz where you will have to identify 9 monkeys seen in the cinema, before giving you some secrets from the filming of Wes Ball’s film.

did you know


American actor Owen Teague, 24, has been cast in the lead role in Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom. He plays the role of a primate in a play that replaces Andy Serkis, who steps into Caesar’s shoes.

Serkis got involved

While not in front of the camera, Andy Serkis was still involved behind it. “Although he wasn’t cast as one of the new characters, I shared the script with him and we talked a lot about Planet of the Apes. Andy Serkis allowed us to stay true to the spirit of the franchise while starting fresh. It also allowed us to better train the new actors who were to become the monkeys“- explains the director.

And back to the beginning of the saga, I’ll see you tomorrow night on TFX for Planet of the Apes: Origins:

Source: Allocine

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